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    Re: Bama vs. Auburn matchup

    Quote Originally Posted by BamaFlum View Post
    Forgive my ignorance, but hasn't Coach Saban and the team emphasized "never again?" That would tell me they are focused and with the rest the starters got only playing less than a half, it would seem the intensity would be there.
    Bingo. We are just throwing "what-if" scenarios out there. I think we all expect the Tide to come out and take care of business.
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    Bama vs. Auburn matchup

    Camacho just died!

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    Re: Bama vs. Auburn matchup

    Match up?

    They don't have the same talent level overall and not even close on depth. Thay have playmakers that could break a long one but won't be able to sustain anything offensively. The only phase of the game I wish we were stronger is the pass rush.

    Our running game is going to be paramount in this one. Keep their defense, especially LB's and DB's, on their heels with play action and slip screens and they'll wear down rather quickly mentally and physically. Drop a couple mid-range passes in the mix occasionally and we should dominate.




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