***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***
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    ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***

    Staff Offensive Players of the Week
    Offense: McCarron, Lacy, Cooper, B. Jones
    Defense: Lester, Pagan (!!!)
    Special Teams: Collins and Ragland

    - This is the time of year you hope you're playing your best football and the team is continually improving

    - Kenny Bell's surgery yesterday was the best way to fix the issue with his leg. He'll be re-evaluated in 5-6 weeks.

    - Georgia has an outstanding team. They have great balance.

    - Georgia's defense is one the highest-ranked in the country for several reasons

    - Mark Richt is one of the most consistent coaches in the country. His consistency defines success

    - On Kirby Smart: It's always good to have someone on your staff that thinks like you that you can trust. He does a very good job of implementing our plan with defensive calls during the game. We speak the same language and have been on the same page for a long time.

    - On preparing for Richt's Georgia team: It's not like this is something that we've never seen before.

    - On McCarron and (Georgia QB) Murray: These 2 guys have done it as well as anybody in our league and maybe as well as anybody in the country.

    - On Jarvis Jones: This guys is probably one of the best defensive players in the country.

    - Nobody has called to ask to speak to any UA assistants about head coaching vacancies

    - I want to help our assistants do what they want to do in advancing in their careers, but I also want them to do what's best for the players.

    - TJ Yeldon practiced all week last week and worked through his sprained foot and I think he was at 100% against Auburn

    - Reiterates what he said yesterday: Georgia DC Todd Grantham is one of the best assistants that he's ever had (Grantham was an assistant at Mich St for Coach Saban). He's done everything that a guy can do to in this profession to sort of learn and grow

    - Asked to compare Jarvis Jones to Adrian Hubbard: "You obviously haven't been around here long."

    - Asked what makes the UGA RB combo of Gurley and Marshall dangerous: The change of pace aspect between the two.

    - Kenny Bell is the 3rd player that we've lost at that position. One of those guys is ready to come back. Chris Black has been medically cleared and we're going to try to get get him some reps there.

    - For all intents and purposes the SEC Championship game this weekend is a playoff game. Every time we've been in it since I've been here, it's been a playoff game.

    - NG Brandon Ivory is one of the guys that will be limited at practice today with an ankle injury (sprain). This one is not as severe as his last ankle injury.
    "I didn't come to Alabama to win 10 games a year and be a contender. I came here to win championships. Conference championships and national championships. I love it here because that's just not what I want, but what this fanbase expects."
    --Alabama Head Football Coach, Nick Saban

    “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree, it will spend it’s whole life believing it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

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    Re: ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***

    Preciate it, Mack.
    RIP Hub

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    Re: ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***

    I watched him, and Saban is very relaxed. I like it, much better than how tense he was before the LSU game.
    Roll Tide

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    Re: ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***

    Quote Originally Posted by WMack4Bama View Post
    - On preparing for Richt's Georgia team: It's not like this is something that we've never seen before.
    I'd agree with this assessment. The Georgia offensive system is the same basic two-back (tailback, fullback) pro-set they've been using since Richt arrived in 2001. Also, as far as our typical opponents in-conference go, they don't do as much week-to-week to fool you with formation changes and such forth. They basically line up and run their offense: they get vertical off the play action, they use the fullback much like we use the H-Back in the passing game in the flats, they like to use the bubble screen a good bit, and they run a lot of FB lead rushes for their tailback. They don't need formation window dressing because they already have a lot built into their offense formation wise. They give you a lot to prepare for and do a good job of getting their athletes in positions to make plays with their balance.

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    Re: ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***


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    ***11/26/12 Coach Saban Presser Highlights***

    Quote Originally Posted by TideMom2Boys View Post
    I watched him, and Saban is very relaxed. I like it, much better than how tense he was before the LSU game.
    Me too. You can tell how the team is doing by his PC demeanor. 9 out of 10 times when he is relax, calm, confident so is his team. When he is tense, agitated, anxious the team is off in practice and preparedness.



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