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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Honestly, I don't think we can look at what our tendencies were against Auburn as an accurate prediction about how we will approach Georgia. AU is just awful, and we could have run Ben Howell all game and still beat them soundly. I do agree with the "run until they stop it" approach, but my guess is that Georgia will be able to stop it and force us to throw.

    Like others, my concern is our inability to get consistent pressure on the QB, even when we do blitz. HaHa and Vinnie haven't had much success in getting to the QB quickly enough on the blitz. As we know, there are holes in our secondary like we haven't seen in a couple of years, and Murray is good enough to find the openings if he has time.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Granted UGA likely played down to Kentucky, UK had success on draws and screens out of the gun- using UGAs undisciplined speed against them. We ran the draw out of the gun several times against Awburn in the 2nd half.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Quote Originally Posted by Snuffy Smith View Post
    Listening to Eli & Phil at the game this weekend they pointed out a tendency I am sure others have noticed. Every time we cross the 50 we take a shot at the long one on the next play. I wonder if we mix that up a bit the next 2 games?

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    Gary correctly predicted a deep pass after Bama crossed the 50. The pass was incomplete, but he called a PA bomb, which is what AJ did.

    Like others noted, Bama has gone hurry up more in recent weeks. I commented in one of the game threads that I noticed that the offense seems to be incorporating things that give our defense some problems, such as the hurry up. Things like this only make the offense more versatile and better. Saban commented post game about the hurry up:

    Up-tempo offense: Alabama used an up-tempo offensive attack Saturday, and Saban said the Crimson Tide ran it well.

    “We had a good plan,” he said. “We went a little up-tempo to avoid having bad plays and everybody did a good job of executing.

    “AJ McCarron especially getting us in the right play and the offensive line making the right adjustments, to get a hat on a hat. We were effective running, had pretty good protection most of the time when we threw it. We made some explosive plays both ways. I think the offensive line contributed to that significantly.”
    I would not be surprised if we continue to use the hurry up in a similar fashion that Chip Kelly uses it. Oregon uses the hurry up offense when they know the defense is on its heels. That is what Bama should do. After a few runs/quick passes, go hurry up and causes Georgia to burn a timeout or end up with more than 11 players on the field.
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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    I don't care what we do as long as we beat them to a point where they never want to play us again.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Quote Originally Posted by JIB View Post
    Pass on 1st, run on 2nd. It's incredibly easy to predict. I hope he changes it up against UGA but if he didn't against LSU I don't know why he would now. I'm sure UGA knows that tendency and will be prepared.

    I'm not terribly confident about this game due to our offensive predictability and the defenses inability to pressure the QB.
    ...and if the 1st down pass is incomplete a 2nd down running play occurs 100% of the time.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    I'm not as concerned with the offense and the play calling as I am concerned with the ability knock Murray off his feet multiple times. I didn't see the game between Georgia and South Carolina, but a quote from the NY Times was this

    "For the game, Murray completed only 11 of 31 passes and was routinely beaten like a piñata."

    If we are able to do this to Mr. Murray, then I believe we will win going away. If not, well I could see this being a Lswho type of game with more points scored. I know everybody says they like to have a good, close, and hard fought game...... But I'd be good with them, Jawja, rolling over and playing dead like them awbrums did.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Quote Originally Posted by Ldlane View Post
    Dang! Game hasn't even been played and folks already complaining!
    Ain't it amazing?? I personally think Nuss has done a brilliant job and expect it to continue.

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    Re: Offensive play calling for Georgia game

    Someone could get hurt running the hurry up. Alabama success is based on being physically better than the other team. Trouble comes when that other team has equal talent. I hope the play calling utilizes the talents on the field because UGA matches up well.



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