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    Re: Mark Stoops named coach at Kentucky...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluegrasstide View Post
    UK is nothing more than a stepping stone. Brooks won at Kentucky and kept their fan pretty appeased. They are satisfied with going to the Music City Bowl every year. If it isn't round, doesn't bounce, and doesn't fit through a goal, UK fans could really care less. I am convinced that they are satisfied with a 6 or 7 win season and a bowl game. In the end, the money trail leads to roundball. It is truly a challenge to live in this state sometimes...

    I don't live in Kentucky but work in the state quite often and travel all over. (I'm in Shepherdsville, KY right now as a matter of fact.) It's amazing the love for KY basketball up here. Honestly, I'm in awe of how much they love them some roundball. They are as bball crazy as we are about football.

    I think the Stoops hire is a good move for KY and I don't know that they could have done a lot better. True, probably a stepping stone job for Stoops, but there's not a lot of pressure to win immediately and he has a very, very young team to work with. Something like 26 freshmen and sophmores on that team right now.

    Happy for them.
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    Re: Mark Stoops named coach at Kentucky...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Bourbon View Post
    Yeah, ppl can win there, Mumme (cheater, though) and Rich Brooks have done it
    Rich Brooks was probably the best coach to caoch there but the bear.

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    Re: Mark Stoops named coach at Kentucky...

    Kentucky got a good hire I think. He has a lot of experience as a defensive coach so we'll see if he has what it takes to be a head coach in the toughest conference that thrives on defense.
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    Re: Mark Stoops named coach at Kentucky...

    Anything in the barn contract for Petrino about having a hot chick on your motorcycle that you hired?
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    Re: Mark Stoops named coach at Kentucky...

    I agree with the Petrino to au posts. The only coach who would go there and the only school that would hire him. No brainier and I am sure the religious zealots in the cult have given prayerful thought and given their blessing.
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