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    Re: Pac 12 Championship Game

    UCLA's kicker in the future:

    -Why's it us Sergeant? Why us?
    -Because we're here lad. Nobody else. Just us.

    -"I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened."
    -"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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    Re: Pac 12 Championship Game

    I'm going to go ahead and call a "called it" on UCLA sandbagging last week to make sure they got to play Stanford this week.

    You don't give 100% all out trying to win and get blown out at home only to "improve" enough in under six days to go to that team's house and go toe to toe for 60 minutes.

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    Tradition is always under construction.
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    Re: Pac 12 Championship Game

    I hope this is just like us on stage...getting a trophy.
    Roll Tide



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