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    Re: ESPN Gameday...

    Quote Originally Posted by selmaborntidefan View Post

    vs LSU (435 yards, 17 points)
    vs aTm (418 yards, 29 points)
    vs WCU (163 yards, 0 points)
    vs Aub (163 yards, 0 points)

    TOTALS: (1,176 yards, 46 points)

    Ole Miss (234 yards, 10 points)
    Auburn (238 yards, 0 points)
    Ga Sou (318 yards, 14 points)
    Ga Tech (426 yards, 10 points)

    TOTALS: (1,216 yards, 34 points)

    How does this make Georgia that much better? Sure, we gave up 12 more points - we also played TWO TEAMS that were tougher than ANY OF THOSE FOUR, and one was on the road. Three of those UGA games were at home and the other was at an empty Auburn stadium.

    They still gave up more yards despite playing worse teams (LSU's 30.3 PPG is basically the same as Ole Miss 30.9).

    How does this constitute them being any better? They basically have the same stats in HOME GAMES against MUCH WEAKER teams.
    i have been baffled the last two weeks with this notion that somehow the last four games tell us anything new about this year's georgia team. they had a two game schedule and those two games were in october.
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    Re: ESPN Gameday...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vinny View Post
    Don't insult Snooky by comparing her to trailer park Tammy.

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    uhhhhh...not sure you could insult snooki by comparing her to ANYTHING living...
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