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    Re: BCS selection criteria

    It will be very fun and and I am very anxious to find out how the process will work. I just hope we get it right. You know, Sports Illustrated won't have any influence in the process, but Jim Delaney, Larry Scott and Jack Swarbrick will, and that's what worries me.

    You see right now we have a subjective system based primarily on the opinions of men. In the future what we will have is a subjective system based primarily on the opinions of men. Right now, there are roughly 130 opinions included (coaches poll members, harris poll members, computer poll creators). In the future there will be rougly 15. Which one is easier to control through politcal means? 130 or 15? The 130 are spread all over the country. I can only assume the 15 will be required to meet together numerous times, which makes for a great opportunity for Delaney to pop in and say "Hi". The pressure on those committee members will probably be like nothing they have seen before.

    They have already put it on paper that conference champions will be "preferred". Interpretation: This season we would probably have ND, Bama, Oregon and KState, leaving out Florida who didn't win their division. Let's talk about that for a minute. I want to be clear in saying, that would NOT be a travesty. KState was ranked #1 for a few weeks and we ranked higher than Florida for most of the sseason. They are a very solid, well-balanced team. But the bottom line is, the team ranked #3 in the BCS poll would be left out.

    Look at 2011. The top conf champs are LSU, OkState and Oregon. If they dropped as low as #7 to grab Boise State or even #10 to grab the B1G champ Wisconsin, I think that would be a total travesty. That would mean leaving out the BCS #2 (Bama) and BCS #4 (Stanford) teams. That by definition is inclusion over excellence and I obviously ain't a fan.
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