Eli Gold's Call
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Thread: Eli Gold's Call

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    Eli Gold's Call

    anyone have Eli's call on the touchdown at the of the game to cooper?

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    Re: Eli Gold's Call

    It'll probably pop up on YouTube at some point. I wish the CTSN would cell CD's or MP3's of the games - would be a fantastic way to pass the time on my commute to and from work every day!

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    Re: Eli Gold's Call

    go to soundcloud.com


    here is a montage I foound, but the Cooper catch is on there too...my nephew showed the site to me this weekend...pretty good stuff...I haven't been able to download it, but you can hear it
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    Re: Eli Gold's Call

    Here's the final play of the game.


    And here's the audio for Coop's touchdown.

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    Re: Eli Gold's Call

    Thanks so much for those links! I knew sometimes there were some calls uploaded to SoundCloud, but I didn't know they did it on a regular basis.

    However, while we're on the subject, I was going to start a thread of my own recently about this. Does anyone know if there is any possible way to acquire the full radio broadcast to any Bama games? I mean, they're recorded and stored somewhere, certainly, but do they release them on DVDs or anywhere for the average person to get a hold of?



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