SIAP - Scab Actually Writes a Good Article
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    SIAP - Scab Actually Writes a Good Article


    Surprisingly good article from Scarbinsky
    "Bryant can take his'n and beat your'n, and then he can turn around and take your'n and beat his'n." -- Houston Oiler head coach Bum Phillips, a former player under Coach Bryant

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    Re: SIAP - Scab Actually Writes a Good Article

    Excellent article and you can tell he cares about what happens!

    Scab has actually redeemed himself to many with his move to radio. I hated the man, but now see him as a very hyper opinionated intelligent person that just comes across bad in print most of the time. On the radio he has more time to explain his broad views better.

    Kevin Scarbinsky and Scott Griffin's Smathmouth Radio seems faster paced and more informative than The Opening Drive. It's less Homer and more provocative.

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    Re: SIAP - Scab Actually Writes a Good Article

    After giving everything it had, Georgia had nothing left. After taking everything Georgia had to give, Alabama gave it right back and gave itself a shot at one more championship.

    That game will be bigger. Hard to believe it could be any greater.
    "I don't know what class is but I can tell when one has it, you can tell from a mile away"
    -- Coach Bryant

    "We always talk about playing 60 minutes but this is a 60-10 game: the 60 minutes of the game and the 10 minutes in the locker room after the game that you remember for the rest of your life."
    -- Nick Saban day after beating Clemson

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    Re: SIAP - Scab Actually Writes a Good Article

    Finally an article giving Alabama praise for what they did on Saturday. Most stuff I've seen on espn has been praising Georgia more than us. The expectations have gotten so high they don't even realize how special this team has been to fight its way out of tough situation after tough situation. We have an almost completely rebuilt defense injuries all around and we largely dominated and experience team filled with nfl talent.

    This Bama team has made me incredibly proud by the way they fight and never give up. They aren't getting their due. It might only come after Jan. 7th.



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