Barret Jones & Manti Teo
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    Barret Jones & Manti Teo

    An ND fan was at the Lomdardi Award Ceremony and there was a photo op for those in attendance.
    When it was this guy's turn with the four finalists, he was standing behind Teo and thanked him for being such a great representative of the University. Jones who was sitting next to Teo, heard this and said: "Manti is my role model, I wear Manti Teo pajamas every night when I go to bed" Both Teo and Jones cracked up.They have apparently struck up a friendship.

    Teo acknknowledged Jones during his acceptance speech saying Jones: "Is a really, really, big dude I'll be going up against in the national championship game." Jones did have his foot in a walking boot.

    They had a nice piece on Barret during the show, how he graduated with honors in accounting, and showed him on a couple of missionary trips.

    Both great representatives of their universities and college football
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