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Thread: Play calling?

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    Play calling?

    Put me in the camp that believes we would have beaten Georgia much worse had we not thrown a single pass!

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    Re: Play calling?

    Quote Originally Posted by JD95 View Post
    Put me in the camp that believes we would have beaten Georgia much worse had we not thrown a single pass!
    Ha. That TD pass was a thing of beauty but I told my son we had scored to early and there was to much time left for GA to come back. If you had covered the same 40 yds on the ground the game would have been over. Course there was gaurentee but thats what I thought at the time.

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    Re: Play calling?

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV View Post
    I agree that, with ND, the pounding should come first. UGA couldn't stop it when they knew it was coming. I think ND should be required to prove they can stop it when UGA couldn't do it with eleven in the box...
    And keeping in mind that our run success in the 1st Qtr will not be as good as it will be in the 4th Qtr, against a tired, worn out ND defense.
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    Re: Play calling?

    Quote Originally Posted by glasscutter256 View Post
    It is funny how quickly people forget about last year's NCG. We threw on first down 15/16 times. That is what helped us dominate. Most teams expect us to run on first downs, so therefore I don't mind throwing on first downs. If anyone one here can predict when we will run or throw on first down, then Nuss is not doing a very good job. The goal is to not be predictable on first down. ND will stop us on first down if they know we will run every time. ND's run defense will be much better than UGA's. If they stop the run on first down, then we become predictable on 2nd, and 3rd downs too.
    I don't think people have forgotten. Specifically the coaching staff hasn't forgotten. To me this entire year we have tried to recreate the gameplan against LSU but many times to me it wasn't necessary. I think the OL is much better at run blocking this year than they were last year even though they were really good last year. As others have said at the beginning of games we seem to rely heavily on the pass. Against our better opponents it hasn't worked as well as we would like. We end up shifting to the run and then things start flowing better.

    To me the success of the LSU gameplan has almost been a curse as far as our offensive playcalling this year. I realize we have had great success on offense but we have periods of stagnancy and they seem to correlate to times when we are throwing it a whole bunch.

    Also if AJ is as badly hurt as some people on here believe, why have we made him the focal point of the offense in these games? To me we would make our offense more conservative and really make the other team stop our run game to the point where we need AJ to make plays instead of the other way around.



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