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My son and daughter both work at a local eatery (local to me, not in Tuscaloosa). DJ and his girfriend came by after the aTm game. My daughter said she told my son, look at that big ole guy, does he play football? My son looked and said yeah, I think he plays for Alabama.
He went up to him and asked if he was "Fluker". Said he apologized for not remembering his first name. He introduced himself and his sister, and some other people started coming up to see him, get autographs, pictures etc.

My son got to talk with him one on one for almost an hour. He and my daughter said he was a very nice guy, down to earth, courteous. He talked about the game, going to school, personal life stuff. They really enjoyed meeting him. Said he was just a regular dude and he seemed to like them talking to him like a regular dude.
They asked him about all the attention, pressure, time, it takes to play at Alabama and he said it was alot of hard work, but he enjoyed it and hoped it would pay-off someday.

DJ and his girlfriend came back again the Monday after the Ironbowl. He remember my son's name and asked if he was there. He had another good visit with DJ.

I work with a guy that formerly worked at UA. He's come in contact with the football players many times. He said that DJ is just a big ole teddy bear. As the previous poster said, very congenial, easy to talk to etc.
On another note, a story from the same guy...said that when Jesse came for a visit he wanted to know why we had so many rats running around campus, he'd never seen so many or the size of em. He was talking about the squirrels!