'Twas the night of the championship (poem)
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    'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    Been seeing this go around on facebook, decided to read it, not too bad...

    Twas the Night of the Championship

    ‘Twas the night of the Championship, and all through South Beach,
    Notre Dame fans were saying, “Another title’s in reach!”
    The luck of the Irish had carried them through, with wins over Pittsburgh and even Purdue.
    The Domers were nestled all snug in their seats, with visions of crystal…just one team to beat!

    And I in my houndstooth and crimson and white, knew for the Irish, it could be a long night.

    When out of the tunnel there arose such a thunder, fans stood to their feet with amazement and wonder.
    The ground shook like an earthquake had just hit the field, and I felt Irish fear beginning to build.
    They scattered and looked for some place to hide, as the announcer proclaimed, “And here comes the Tide!”
    I sang “Yea Alabama,” yes I sang every word, as Notre Dame marveled at the elephant herd.
    Led by a man both lively and quick, everyone knew that he was St. Nick.
    More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came. He whistled and shouted and called them by name.
    “Now Lacy! Now Milliner, McCarron and Fluker! On Barrett! On Mosely! On Warmack and Cooper!
    Miami is where Notre Dame’s luck shall end. The BCS trophy is ours to defend!”
    Then after the kickoff, a beating began. The Irish now knew that they were out manned.
    They tried to get going, but never could start. They were just simply no match for the defense of Smart.
    Brian Kelly cried out, “This just isn’t fair! Saban was given a month to prepare!”
    But his cries were not heard, they fell on deaf ears. “We have to adjust! We have to switch gears!”
    Then Notre Dame ran what nobody expected. They faked the reverse, but the pass was deflected.
    The ball was picked off! The crowd let out a roar, as the Bama defender walked in for the score.
    Saban spoke not a word to his crimson machine. As the seconds ticked off, to number 15.
    If one thing was learned in Miami that night, it’s that you don’t bring a leprechaun to an elephant fight.
    And I heard the crowd yell to the losers in blue, “We just beat the hell outta you!”

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    Re: 'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    I LOVE IT!! That was great!

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    Re: 'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    I remember one from the '92 championship that was pretty good as well. Whish I knew where I put it.

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    Re: 'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    It would be interesting if we could see who rates these threads so low.
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    Re: 'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    Quote Originally Posted by BamaFanTN View Post
    I remember one from the '92 championship that was pretty good as well. Whish I knew where I put it.
    'Twas New Year's night and all through the South
    Hurricane fans were running their mouth
    The banners were hung in the Dome with care
    In anticipation that Gino soon would be there

    Cane fans had been nestled all snug in their beds
    While visions of Sugar Bowls danced in their heads
    When what to their wandering eyes should appear
    The team that they said should never be here

    When out on the field, there arose such a clatter
    I sprung from my seat to see what was the matter
    The TIDE never faltered, the TIDE never feared
    Just as I believed, the TIDE belonged here

    Now, Copeland! Now, Curry! Now, Lassic and Teague!
    On, Langham! On Palmer! With Stallings to lead!
    From the top of the Dome, to the bottom of the Bowl
    Miami did falter, and the TIDE did roll!

    As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly
    Miami kissed their title hopes goodbye
    As end over end Rohan Marley he flew
    Coach Erickson said, "Now what do we do?"

    But then for a moment, Miami hopes were raised
    As Thomas caught the football and toward the goal line he blazed
    The Canes said again, "We're tough and we're mean"
    But George Teague caught Thomas and stripped the ball clean

    All through the game the Tide continued to roll
    To a National Title in the Sugar Bowl
    When the carnage was over the Canes felt rather sick
    There was no doubt about it their butts had been kicked

    The CRIMSON TIDE rolled into town
    And dragged their butts across the ground
    And I heard them exclaim as they were licking their wounds
    "If we see the TIDE again, it will be all too soon!"

    The National Title we set as our goal
    We got the job done in the Sugar Bowl
    We're NUMBER ONE, we know it's so
    Happy New Year to you and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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    Re: 'Twas the night of the championship (poem)

    Thank you I had been looking online this morning and could not find it. That is the one!



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