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    Re: QB Luke Del Rio interested in walking-on at Bama (Jack's son)

    I think Del Rio is a really good QB. I have seen some brief highlights, and I was pretty impressed. Getting a guy like that to walk-on would be great! Kudos to him too for even considering it.

    I don't think this would scare off Bateman. He loves Bama and Coach Nuss. His commitment has always been rock solid. I think it's more likely to affect McLeod if it were going to affect either of the two.

    We will just have to see how it shakes out. I would personally welcome Del Rio with open arms. He is a talented kid, and I honestly think he could contribute at some point down the road.
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    Re: QB Luke Del Rio interested in walking-on at Bama (Jack's son)

    I've heard his dad now wants to coach here.................

    old joke for those of us that have been here a while.

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    Re: QB Luke Del Rio interested in walking-on at Bama (Jack's son)

    Just to kind of reiterate, Luke is the kind of kid that would be the top QB in some past Alabama classes. He's not a top recruit, but he's good, he has offers and I think it says a lot about the kid that he's considering walking on at Alabama. It shows good priorities. I'm not sure how realistic his walking on is, but I'd think it's perfect timing for a walk-on.
    Quote Originally Posted by DocCrimson View Post
    I can't imagine either scaring off Bateman. I would feel for McLeod if he lost a scholly offer because of a walk-on option. The media backlash would be pretty brutal if McLeod complained, particularly if the AJC got ahold of him for an interview.
    I don't think Luke would scare off Bateman, but the combination of three QBs in a class basically, and AJ returning could be a bit of an issue. In terms of McLeod, I could care less about the media backlash, they'll make a bigger deal about plants dying than armed robberies so if they can't get a good story they'll run with a ridiculous one anyway. I said cool though, not pull... I don't know who the staff likes best, but if Alabama likes Luke better than McLeod, and Luke wants to walk-on, I think they have to be up front with McLeod. What is worse, getting him on campus and saying ok, you're on the bottom of the totem pole, or telling him before he arrives?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedStar View Post
    Regardless, 7th, 6th, 5th, or 4th he's not playing next year. BamaFlum brought up the point that he would have to sit out a year, but I don't see any QB coming into our system anytime soon that wouldn't have to sit out a year.
    Right, and I think this makes the situation ideal. He'd be able to play once AJ is gone and that seems ideal. This is just my personal opinion, but all things considered I would consider Luke walking on to be of more worth than McLeod getting a scholarship.



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