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    Re: Who Drafts Who? Best Fits - 'Bama to the NFL

    I would love to see Miami get Barrett Jones or Eddie Lacy. Miami had a chance the past 2 years to get a Bama player but passed while the Jets, Patriots and Bills have all picked up Alabama players. Hopefully the Dolphins get one this year, but I won't hold my breath.
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    Who Drafts Whom? Best Fits - 'Bama to the NFL

    Jones to the Falcons

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    Re: Who Drafts Whom? Best Fits - 'Bama to the NFL

    This is tough... There are currently only two Alabama players projected to go in the first round. Milliner and Warmack will both go top 10. I would like to see Chance end up in Cleveland to block for Trent. Milliner can be used by several teams. I could see Fluker possibly stepping into the later first round, possibly to Chicago. Jesse will be a sure fire second rounder, and a steal for someone like KC (who I think will trade away from no. 1 for a package of picks). Barrett, despite his storied collegiate career, will be at best a late second rounder. No knock on him, he just doesn't grade out as high as other linemen. I would like to see him end up in New England. I think he is a great fit there. Eddie Lacey is the biggest question mark. Running back is weak in this draft, and just a weak position overall most of the time now. I will assume EL falls to the third round. Then a myriad of teams would be looking for a solid second back for their system (Detroit, Atlanta, Tennessee, Jacksonville...I mean, endless possibilities it seems).

    As for CJ, and this is a topic for another thread also, he would be one of the top 5 OLB in the draft, but the need would push him to the mid second round I would assume. IF, and that's a big IF, he goes then I would like to see him end of in Baltimore or Minnesota (my team).

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    Who Drafts Whom? Best Fits - 'Bama to the NFL

    The Titans need someone at nearly all of the 22 positions

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