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    Re: Will Notre Dame Even Score a Touchdown?

    Quote Originally Posted by Florida Tom View Post
    The OP's question is a very good one IMO.

    I really don't know I think we will win Big but will the Defense play like last year, I just don't know. I would never have predicted the domination Alabama showed over LSU in the Title Game.

    DB's will Continue to earn respect but WHO else steps up? If CJ has a Big Game then I think we will see a replay of last year, I hope!

    thats the thing that will make it difficult for a shutout. our defense this season is nowhere near last year. last years defense was possibly the best defense in college football in 30 years or so. we are Still good on defense this year but that defense had 5 players on defense who were physically capable of playing in the NFL LAST season along CJ, Dee, Nico, and Robert

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    Re: Will Notre Dame Even Score a Touchdown?

    As of halftime answer - No they won't!!



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