ND Offense and Bama Defense Meets With the Media
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    ND Offense and Bama Defense Meets With the Media

    The pressers are coming to an end for the most part, but I'm going to try and get as many of the tweets from the reporters as I can...

    Scarbinsky (al.com writer) tweets:

    • Notre Dame OC Chuck Martin and QB Everett Golson with a definite underdog chip on their shoulders.
    • Notre Dame OC Chuck Martin: They've been told 12 straight weeks they weren't good enough to get this far. We're sitting in front of you guys
    • ND QB Everett Golson: We as a team want to make a statement being that we were counted out from the beginning of the year.
    • ND confidence: OC Chuck Martin notes that Brian Kelly won DII NC at Grand Valley with a frosh QB. That QB won 3 national titles in 4 years.
    • Everett Golson of course is a redshirt freshman. Chuck Martin: We're hoping history repeats itself.
    • Kirby Smart: Respect University of Auburn and opportunity they gave me to interview. Found out things I needed to know. So did they.
    John Zenor (AP writer) tweets:
    • Notre Dame WR T.J Jones on Bama: "They're without doubt the best defense we'll see this season" says front 7 one of nation's best.
    • Alabama DC Kirby Smart: "I have become who I have become as a coach from working with coach Saban."
    • Smart says Alabama hasn't faced a tight end as talented as talented as ND's Tyler Eifert.
    • Kirby Smart says this is one of his favorite defenses because of low expectations from, he says, the media. Played with chip on shoulders.
    • Kirby Smart; "I have the best non head coaching job in the country."
    • RB Theo Riddick likes ND matchup w/ Bama DBs. Dee Milliner counters: "They think we're the weak link. Hopefully they'll try to exploit us."
    • Kirby Smart on Nick Saban: "There is no question he is driven to be the greatest coach in the game."
    Travis Reier (BOL writer) tweets:
    • Smart on recruiting to UA schemes and standards: "There are exceptions but we don't want a team full of exceptions."
    • Smart's been great in this PC. Great insight.
    • Said Geno Smith was supposed to blitz with Mosley on UGA's last play. Wonders if ball would have been batted to the ground had Smith blitzed
    • Smart's son Weston was named after town Smart and his wife lived in while he worked with the Dolphins.
    • Said UA "screwed up" by not calling timeout late in first half of UGA game. Saban admitted it and used it as learning experience.
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    ND Offense and Bama Defense Meets With the Media

    I what happened to Geno on that last play. Seems like everyone has a chip on their shoulder at this point. Why shouldn't they?



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