So I'll start this off with celebrity sightings (sort of). I got here yesterday and took a stroll down the boardwalk. As I was walking I saw a guy running toward me and he looked an awful lot like Chris Fowler from ESPN but I wasn't sure. I turned around after a number of more blocks to go back to the Courtyard where I am staying and about halfway back he's running toward me. Sure enough it was Chris Fowler.

Later in the evening we decided to try Joe's Stone Crab thinking the crowd might be a little lighter than tomorrow when people really pile into town. Well a 2 hour wait later changed my mind. That and the fact that Mal Moore was waiting front and center with everyone else when I got there. Later on Mike Slive came in and joined the line with a different party. I figured that if the head of the most powerful athletics program and the head of the most powerful athletics conference had to wait it was good enough to me, Joe's was the place to be last night.

Still no Kardashian sightings but there is always tonight.