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    Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    Quote Originally Posted by BamaFanatJSU View Post
    Just messin' with you, PCOLA. Tonight was proof positive that Saban and Co. could just about fiddle the devil for their souls and win if given 40 days to prepare.
    They think they've solved that with the playoffs! Lol

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    Thanks for coming around and showing class. I personally would love to see Bama meet the Irish again in another title game. However, they now know they better come to play.

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    You're a great guy - I hope I can be as gracious in defeat as you are.

    Good luck with next season!!
    Honey Badger can take what the Tide gives him and like it.

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    Thanks for the post and feel free to stick around and post whenever the mood strikes.
    "She is the last of her kind, she thought. No wars had ever touched her, and she had lived through three; nothing had disturbed that world of hers, where gentlemen smoked on the porch or in hammocks, where ladies fanned themselves gently and drank cool water." - Jean Louise Finch describing her aunt in 'Go Set a Watchman'

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    Thanks Irish Jacky. Come back and visit.

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    The Domers for teh most part have proven t be class acts. I think Coach Kelly was very classy. You have a man if integrity running your program. I wish you much success, except of course when we meet!

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    A very good post.

    It was nice to see such a high profile game played with intensity, class and dignity from both teams. No cheap shots, no end zone dances - the way football should be played. It's apparent the cream of the crop of well coached college teams were representing college football's elite last night.

    Coach Kelly was very gracious in his comments and compliments toward Bama. It didn't go unnoticed.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us.

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts, Jackie. Good luck next year.

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    Re: Congratulations, but I'm Calling the Cops.

    ND and their real fans were nothing but class. I was very impressed that the ND players did not quit. You should be proud of them. That was a classy game through and through (except of course on our part when McCarron and Jones got into a cat fight -- how embarrassing but it was funny). Congrats ND. You did belong there.
    I know what it takes to win. If I can sell them on what it takes to win, then we are not going to lose too many football games. - Coach Paul Bryant and I can see Coach Nick Saban agreeing completely.



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