Tried to do this before the game but...
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    Tried to do this before the game but...

    Not gonna sugar coat it, I do not like Bama. However, I was pulling hard for you guys as much as I hated it. Can't stand Notre Dame and the unjustified love they got and I always support the SEC even if that means Bama wins yet another title.
    (Ok I lied, I wouldn't pull for Georgia against the Democratic Republic of Korea)

    With that said, I hope you guys lose every game next year.
    (hopefully this isnt seen as trolling)

    Congrats on keeping the SEC streak going!

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    Re: Tried to do this before the game but...

    At least your honest and you did do the right thing. I pulled for the Gators for the same reason.
    Pronounced as or-e-bama not Obama.

    Or Chris, if you prefer. :)



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