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Oklahoma was a co-champ with K-State because of K-State's loss to Baylor. I'd say K-State is the real Big 12 champ seeing how they beat Oklahoma on the field.
That's not how the Big 12 sees it, and yes I was aware but the point still stands. K-State narrowly beat Oklahoma and I'd bet on Notre Dame if the two played.
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Yes. Oregon is better than ND. So is Texas A&M. I am saying that in hypothetical a four-team playoff of Bama, ND, and those two teams, ND would have been weeded out in the "first round".
Good thing I don't mind going a bit off topic...

Stanford held Oregon to 14 points. Florida held Texas A&M to 17 points. We can all act as though their gimmick offenses are unstoppable, but reality is they were not. They create match-up problems for some teams, true, but they can't muster any offense at all against others. Oregon is not better than ND. We know that because they did not perform better than ND. Had they performed as well as ND, they would have played for the championship. They didn't, so they didn't and that's all there is to it.