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    Re: Virginia Tech You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

    Quote Originally Posted by colbysullivan View Post
    I have watched that game so many times and still don't know how they scored 24 points.
    aTm got ALL the bounces and tips...every one of them.

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    Re: Virginia Tech You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

    Quote Originally Posted by KnockturnalTide View Post
    With all due respect to Mr Manziel, but I concur. It seems most tend to ignore the fact that aTm was pretty much shut down from the end of the 1st quarter on. He is a fantastic athlete, and I am sure he will have a good year. I just dont see it being anywhere on par with this one though. Roll Tide!
    My sentiments exactly. Great athlete, defenses will adjust, will have good numbers and a good year. Will get tougher for him tho.
    Roll Tide

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    Re: Virginia Tech You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

    Of course Johnny Manziel will take a step back - he had the best season in SEC history! During their year of the end streak he averaged 291 passing yards and 117 rushing yards, scoring 23 TDs in 6 games.

    Good teams will give him trouble by blitzing him. Oklahoma must not have watched any game tape. They thought that it would be a bad idea to pressure him, so they played coverage with a spy. Manziel sat back for 5-7 seconds while the defense got spread out and then either found an open man or outran the LB.

    You've gotta put pressure on him AND contain him AND cover the WRs. It's hard to do, but Bama did a good job of it over the last 3 quarters.

    Let's remember that TAMU played 12 straight games and got better every week. Pretty impressive.

    That said, Bama ought to beat them next year. The problem is having new guys that may not be ready. Maybe Saban will spend more offseason on stopping Manziel than worrying about VT.

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    Re: Virginia Tech You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

    Can't wait. Living here in Virginia the people here act like Va. Tech is all that and a bag of chips, but by the years end they barely had a winning season worst ever I think (7-6).
    I get evil looks wearing my Bama gear and I love to rub it in. ha
    If Va. Tech. have the same team returning, Bama can just put in 3rd string. lol
    Im so tired of Virginians saying Bama always get lucky and win. Well they won't have to be lucky to beat these turkeys( their mascot) Hokies.
    I laughed mbo reading in the paper that Virginia Tech was BEGGING to get to go to ANY bowl this year. lol And they acted like it was a high caliber bowl they went to.
    Roll Tide and can't wait to smile big when Bama takes care of bidness with these Hokies in August! Just show up Bama cause they will give it their best but that aint much. ha!

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    Re: Virginia Tech You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

    Quote Originally Posted by bamanix View Post
    i agree. coach will be chomping at the bit for the A@M game. while we have signiicant changes next year, A@M will have key ones as well.

    lose both off tackles first two rounds of the draft
    los two starting receivers, including swope his best one
    losing his 5 star rb michaels.
    losing his starting center, who like jones called the offensive sets.
    losing two starting linebackers.
    losing one starting def tackle
    losing two starting def backs, and a nickel back

    i do believe with the recruiting years since saban we may be able to replace our losses better. this game could decide the west.
    Only one of the off tackles has declared for the draft thus far. The only other under classman leaving early is Moore (def tackle). The other losses are seniors and recruiting and redshirts/backups hopefully can fill the gaps. Michaels was good but only used sporadically because of unrevealed issues - not at all during cotton bowl. Malina and Williams were more used rbs.



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