Link: Rece Davis on Mike & Mike this morning (Tuesday 1/8)
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    Rece Davis on Mike & Mike this morning (Tuesday 1/8)

    Was listening to Mike & Mike on the plane ride back from Florida just now. Rece Davis was guest hosting for the first 90 minutes He really gave some great insight about Bama...very elequently spoken. Especially his last statement right before he left for the airport. Also included in that is an interview with Barrett.

    If you don't have the ESPN Radio app or Insider, you can go to this link. Go to "The Highlghts " column and click on "Rece Davis".
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    Re: Rece Davis on Mike & Mike this morning (Tuesday 1/8)

    He was a guest...not hosting when I was watching. Mike Golic was very complementary and basically said that a blown call did not matter. ND was thoroughly whipped. Reece did have great insights--the show was the best in a lot of ways, not the least of which was to give us all a model for how to have post-game discussions from differing sides.
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