Thanks to Coach Bryant and Coach Saban.
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    Thanks to Coach Bryant and Coach Saban.

    Some may want to debate who was better, but I don't think that matter can be settled. I have been blessed enough to enjoy a good geal of Coach Bryant's success and all of Coach Saban's masterful work.

    Thanks to both those fine men, great coaches, and excellent leaders. I'm proud to be part of the Alabama family, an alumnus of the Capstone, and a fan of the greatest football program that has ever held a pigskin.

    I'm sorry if this sounds maudlin or corny or whatever folks don't like. It's great to be from Alabama, regardless of the championships. Just as I take some of the shame of what others did in the era of segregation, I love my University for the good it has always represented -- in the classroom and community, as well as in athletic competition. Let others say what they feel they must. Regardless of whether you've ever attended a class or a game in Tuscaloosa, all who love the University of Alabama Crimson Tide should be proud.

    Coach Saban, I doubt you will ever replace Coach Bryant in my eyes, but it doesn't matter. I do believe that a bunch of today's young Tide fans, just like a couple of generations from a few decades back, probably joke about you and the ability to walk on water. I didn't find it sacrilegious then and certainly don't now. It's not a show of disrespect. It's quite the opposite. Both coaches have inspired and will continue in one way or another to make important positive differences in the lives of their players as well as thousands of anonymous admirers who are inspired from afar.

    Coach Bryant and Coach Saban. Different men from different eras who have accomplished what few of us ever will: the ability to demonstrate the highest degree of excellence in a profession and in life. A dynasty? Heh. Both of you are dynasties in your own right and thank goodness you brought us along for the ride.

    Thanks again to both of these Alabama legends. I never thought I'd see another Coach Bryant and I haven't. But I've seen Coach Saban and that has been just as special in its own wonderful way. How fortunate I am to enjoy this ride again. Roll Tide.

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    Re: Thanks to Coach Bryant and Coach Saban.

    Amen. Very well said.



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