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    Re: Should athletic scholarships be 1-year or 4-year?

    During all the BCS talk, some may have missed the transfer rules proposal...

    "I don't know what class is but I can tell when one has it, you can tell from a mile away"
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    "We always talk about playing 60 minutes but this is a 60-10 game: the 60 minutes of the game and the 10 minutes in the locker room after the game that you remember for the rest of your life."
    -- Nick Saban day after beating Clemson

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    Re: Should athletic scholarships be 1-year or 4-year?

    I did think Alabama was offering 4 year scholarships, even though Saban has reservations.

    I don't think they should, but it becomes a tactic at this point. If others are offering them in the conference, Alabama has to.

    Anyone that played high school sports knows that you are not insured a spot each season. You go out and earn it, and if you don't earn it, you don't get a spot. The scholarship should not be guaranteed, unless the player gives equal guarantees in return.

    For instance, if Alabama has to promise to keep a player on scholarship for four years, then they player should have to promise not to transfer, or leave for the draft without permission. Once the player signs that, he should create an obligation above and beyond making the grades and showing up for football practice. It shouldn't be ok, the school is committed to you for four years, but you don't have to be committed to them for four years.

    The problem is they limit a lot of ways the school can interact with these players. The four year scholarship is an attempt to undermine the SEC, to say look you should be stuck with these kids for four years no matter what. It's not done for the good of the athlete, and it's also a bit illogical. On an academic scholarship, if you don't meet certain standards you lose it. You have academic requirements, not a guarantee for four years. What football performance requirements does a four year scholarship have?



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