Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game (more added)
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    Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game (more added)

    As I did last year, I went around to a lot of other fan bases' message boards and compiled what I thought were the best (and most appropriate for this site) posts and comments on the game. Enjoy!


    In order for a team to beat Alabama, you HAVE to not only control but dominate both lines of scrimmage. The Texas A&M came was a fluke. It was an off day for Alabama. 9 times out of 10, Alabama wins that game.

    You can have the fastest RBs, best QB, Best WRs, you are not beating Bama unless you have superior OL and DL talent. You have to beat them at their own game

    Alabama wins by dominating those two lines. With that, they can control the game. They don't control it by running gimmicky offenses or trying to throw for 500 yards and 5 TDs. They pound, pound, pound your OL and DL into dust

    Until you beat them at their game, your chances of success are minimal. Until you recruit the meanest SOBs on both sides of the line, you won't have much of a chance

    So getting your hopes up about speed,speed,speed isn't going to do much good if you can't control that line
    You also need the entire Alabama team has diarrhea on game day
    If we would offer saban $10 million a year with a $3 million assistant salary pool we would get a championship in 4 years. you can shoot me down and it is a crazy amount of money but he's a speacial coach.

    Now back in reality I support Butch 100% and think we will do fine, and maybe win the east, but goodness. Its not really about them beating ND. that was expected. Its the 3 championships in 4 years that makes me think we will never beat bama with him coaching there without bama having a bad game.


    Couldn't find anything worthy of posting. Mostly crying and belly-aching


    Whats in the water down in tuscaloosa? I know they recruit some big
    dudes, but it looks like they are much bigger, and stronger than any
    team they play. Did anybody catch what Barrett jones looked like in
    High school in the ESPN pregame?

    They must have a great strength and conditioning program....and ummm a
    great student athlete dining hall. That must explain it.

    Monster offensive line that gets away with major holding on every play
    (I've taken to just watching their line after the ball is snapped) and
    you aren't going to lose often

    What's in the water? Liquid Discipline.

    Plus their ability to execute in a focused manner. All kidding
    aside--I'm being dead serious. Think about a few observations made
    last night in the game thread....the Gumps made tackles the way they
    are supposed to be made, and then got up and walked right back to the
    huddle to do it all over again. That in and of itself doesn't explain
    the bulk we see when the Tide takes the field, but that same
    discipline carries over to their training and weight program I am
    guessing. They take their program extremely serious and stay
    focused--both in the training room and most surely on the field.

    No showboating--no "me-me-me" attitudes and thug actions, just get
    down to business and get it done. Whether bulking up or running reps
    or beating the snot out of their opponents. It all comes down to that
    mental toughness Muschamp talks about trying to accomplish. Only
    difference is Bama actually follows through with it and has had more
    time to perfect it. We are just getting started on the foundation--it
    won't be long till others will hopefully say the same about us.

    Biggest problem I see is the attitude thing. Seems we have always had
    a few more showboaters than many other teams, while Bama has rid
    themselves of that stigma for some time now.

    Discipline--that is what is in the water down there. And it works
    Irish are getting hosed early."
    Good. I want their fans as sour as possible.
    Brutal, Men vs. boys
    Good Lord. I thought Bama would win by 2-3 scores, but I thought ND
    would at least put up a fight on defense.

    My fault for listening to the hype
    Get the domers their participation ribbon and end this
    Apparently we're building our team to be Alabama Jr, so good news for
    them is like good news for us. Kinda. But yeah I know not really

    'm ready for Brian Kelly to pull a Shooter McGavin and steal the trophy and run. Only to have Eddie Lacey run him down.
    You can hide priests...but you can't hide a weak football team. What a waste if a good Rotel Dip.
    I think had 'Bama not just come off of a very emotional win @LSU, they would have beat A&M. They came out slow and sluggish and got into a 21pt hole. If this rested 'Bama team were playing the A&M team that beat OU, I'd take 'Bama.

    Not trying to take anything away from A&M, going into Tuscaloosa and beating 'Bama was nothing short of miraculous, but this 'Bama team, rested and fresh with a month to prepare, is THE BEST team in college football.

    If Miles learned anything from last night, I hope it's that you don't have to wait for a turnover or big kick return to try and score with your offense. Alabama drove more than 80 yards 4 times on Notre Dame last night. I bet LSU didn't drive more than 80 yards for a touchdwon 4 times all season
    At least it took an entire game for BAMA to score 21 in their last NCG.....2:39 left in the 3rd and I tell you that ND D is looking awesome.

    The receivers are wide open on every Bama pass play.
    The defender is not even able to stay in the camera view
    LAcy is scaring ND, they don't even want to attempt to tackle him.
    ND just gave up 528 total yards and 42 points.

    Alabama is just flat out good.


    (on complaints about the officiating) So the score is then like 42-21 or 42-17 if they get that call. Maybe if they tie it there, they get some energy on defense but after that wears off, Bama would roll them with ease like they did all game long. Notre Dame was outmatched from the opening possession. They did not belong on the field with Bama.
    Could you imagine being an ND fan right now? What a joyless evening.....
    Yes, I was a Texas fan in 2009
    I thought it wasn't possible, but our beat down at the hands of OU just keeps getting worse, right up till the official end of the season

    Hypothetical: If Ducks would've played Bama, would you have.....preferred the Pigeons to represent the Pac 12, win and end the SEspnC domination?

    Or would you have preferred to see Bama beat the "gimmicky" Pigeon offense?
    No one would of beaten 'Bama Monday pm...NO ONE. They just happen to play their best game of the year. LSU, Georgia, A&M gave 'em all they could handle with A&M of course coming out on top. Monday, they were on all cyclinders. Even the A&M game, play the 2 teams again for 5 games, 'Bama wins 4. With a championship defense, Saban will not lose to Manzell again...he learned. And with that being said, he would of had duck for dinner Monday pm. With a month to study Chip, Saban, in the end, would of been the one holding the GOODS!

    Aaaaaaaand if you were patient enough to stick around, here are the gems from

    Notre Dame

    Just need to punch them back now. Hopefully this leads to Bama overconfidence.
    Their OLine is winning at the LOS. They've had a blocker in the second level on a LB almost every play.
    Gonna be back and forth, no need for concern yet.
    This is the game fellas, you can't go down 21.
    If they score here, it's game over.
    I never thought we would come out flat like this. Alabama is not this good. We are just lifting up our skirts and letting them take what they want.
    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but thank God I'm unemployed and don't have to hear all the heckling that tomorrow would bring if we lose... I can just crawl up and pretend we won.
    Outmanned...outgunned...outcoached. This is pathetic and truly embarrassing. I'm not a chicken little typically but this game is going to be a route.
    After all the defending I did of this team all over the internet and all over my work and with all my friends. I am being laughed off the face of the Earth.

    Thanks a lot, Irish.
    Alabama is simply a different animal
    That is game. I'm turning off the TV.

    This is the most embarrassed I have ever been as an Irish fan.
    The refs dont have nothing to do with this, we are just being dominated right now
    Manti is getting blown away. Man never thought I would see that
    You fellas need to stop with the surrendering. That is the embarrassing part. This team will probably end up making a game of this.
    Game over... we are not ready for the SEC. As much as it hurts to say. Not. Even. Close.
    So when is the Spring game?
    Nick Saban>>>>Brian Kelly and it's showing. Alabama has come to play. Notre Dame well...I'm not sure yet what they've come to do. If we ever make it to the NCG again under Kelly...whatever he did this time he should not do that and do the opposite.

    Per request, I have added more views from other fan bases on the BCSNCG. Enjoy


    There was too much blood, gore, drugs and man rape in the game last night, so I switched to Cinemax and watched Pulp Fiction
    Bama could have run the ball every play of the game and the score might have been worse.
    Before the game Urban Meyer said a key to the game would be whether ND's corners could hold up. They couldn't.

    Notre Dame's front seven is being dominated. The other four aren't doing much better.
    Just getting killed. Those guys may be losing some cash as this game may make their draft stock plummet.
    I hear them say Manti Te'o missed two tackles all season. He missed 5 in the first half alone. Total Domination. This is why I think UK will never be better than 7-5 when it comes to football. Wow.
    Notre Dame being totally dominated. Not even close. No wonder UK can't do well in football in the SEC.
    God loves Alabama too!
    South Carolina

    Here come the moral victories.
    If Alabama makes it 28-0 or more, I'll switch it to Adult Swim at the half.
    ND is ranked 74th in passing offense. Golson isn't a gunslinger and they don't have the ability to stop the clock/complete the passes against that level of a pass D. This game is over.

    It's bad when your RB isn't any faster than the LB of the D. Bama could take a knee on every O play the rest of the game and still win.
    Yeah. ND belongs in the ACC for sure.
    Wonder what's on the history channel......
    This game, because it's over.
    Beginning to look like the luck of the Irish ran out at the coin toss.
    The best part is how they were talking up ND's run defense, and Bama is running it down their throats.
    Will Notre Dame have to register as a sex offender after this indecent exposure?
    No, but Bama will for raping ND.
    Why any recruit on the planet wouldn't go to Alabama, I'll never know.
    Florida St.

    ND is so completely outclassed here that it isn't funny
    Please Saban, run the score up on these guys.
    So much for the SEC "not being that good". 'Bama made the domers look disinterested.
    As much as I hate to say it, Bama is just better then anyone else this year..
    I agree Bama is just the cream of the crop and the SEC is riding their coat tails
    Bama has the biggest, strongest, fastest players in the country. You might beat them with a great scheme and coach + an incomprehensible talent like Manziel. But you're not going to beat them playing their game.

    Alabama blocking is a thing of beauty! Do you see how far up field their Linemen get? They’re FAST too! The RB never gets touched in the backfield! SO THAT'S WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE!!! God, it's enough to make me sick. You see a team like this Alabama squad and it makes you realize how far away we really are at Pitt.
    It is obvious that they don’t belong. We should have beaten ND. And we suck.
    Ahhh, seeing a privileged, pampered program's fans in agony...that's what sports is all about.

    Ohio St.

    No one knows who they are of course but there are at least two rapists playing for ND getting a taste of their own medicine tonight.
    So umm where's Te'o been? Did he make the trip? Is he at the buffet?
    Oh, he's there. He's either getting trucked by the O-line or missing tackles. And right on cue, he misses another.
    Anything they want to do, they are doing. Notre Dame sucks
    42!!! Give me 50!!!
    Finally! I can actually watch the local news again.

    A ginger reporter covering fans watching at bars in SB just said...

    "Fans here are waiting to see how this game plays out and aren't willing to concede defeat just yet".

    And then Bama scores again...
    Hawaiians here are crying in their poi...
    I can't say I'm an Alabama fan, but I love the way the play. Credit to them for a pretty incredible run.. three in four years.
    Casually reading some of the leading Midwestern papers a few days after the blowout on Monday. The response from Domer fans is absolutely absurd.

    The overwhelming majority of them blame steriods as the issue for the blowout. Alabama (and by proxy, SEC Teams) win because of steroids.

    Not Saban, better players, better execution, better recruiting/development. It's steriods - HAS TO BE RIGHT?

    This is ridiculous. [censored] Notre Dame.

    Penn St.

    Roll Tide Roll.

    I'll say this: I sure don't think much of the SEC, but I can't seem to muster the appropriate level of hatred for Bama. I don't know if it is because their fans have been generally so respectful, or simply that I hate ND with the fire of 1,000 suns, but I'll be pulling for the Elephants tonight.
    I feel sorry for the players, but couldn't be happier for their fans and all of the idiot media who built up this team and who anointed Teo the greatest LBer in history.
    ND would have beaten us by a couple of TDs, just sayin'. Not really defending ND, but I'm just awfully impressed with Alabama. ND's defense has 4 or 5 NFL players in the front 7.
    When is the last time Alabama blew a 21-point lead? 1895?

    Time to channel surf.
    It's all just so . . . . so . . . so Beautiful. (wipes tear from eye).

    Suck it Domers. You didn't belong in this game, and now everyone can see.

    I'll bet that even ND fans wish that the Pitt kicker had hit the kick. Honestly, its embarrassing

    Watching ND take their lumps is gratifying.
    Should've probably worn those green jerseys.
    I'll bet NBC and ESPN lowers their flags to half staff after this game.
    Bama would beat us 48-10
    Really?...we wouldn't score.
    1) Bama is a well coached team - it's a pleasure to watch

    No coming to the line and checking off with the sideline - just run the frickin' play.

    That defense demonstrates sound, fundamental tackling. The scheme is sound, the players execute, and it gets the job done.

    2) Hopefully, Bama hangs 60 on the domers and we will no longer claim the bottom spot as the biggest blow out in a BCS Champ - Roll Tide

    3) Several Bama 3rd teamers could prolly start at OU now - sad.

    With 5 weeks to prepare Saban is unbeatable.

    ND was better than us by a decent amount. Alabama vs OU this thank god we didnt have to watch that

    I've had time to go and dig a little deeper. Here are responses from a few more fan bases.

    Michigan St.

    it's not a tide...IT'S A TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!
    I'd take the entire Alabama OL in Detroit right now. Can we do that?
    That was like watching that film on Lombari, you know, the one where he's at the chalk board?

    We get a seal here, and a seal here...and we run through the alley.

    For anyone who thinks MSU is "close" to being a National Power in football, "forget about it". Just watching Alabama destroying ND should enlighten anyone with delusions that we are remotely close. We have a long, long, LONG ways to go to get back on the same field as Alabama and think we have a chance.
    Your statement pretty much appplies to all college teams. I would trade the Lions entire team for Alabama straight up. I don't know what MSU was thinking when we scheduled two games against Alabama I think in 2015 and 2016. Why give yourself an automatic loss for your season and just embarrass yourself? I am all for scheduling some tough games but I see no upside in playing Alabama in a non conference game.
    The situation could be different for Alabama. They could be crying because they don't have the talent of Florida,Georgia and Louisiana and those major in state schools get first dibs on the local talent. Further, they could be crying they have to split their own in state talent with Auburn. But, that's not the case. Saban convinces kids to go out of state because Alabama is such an exciting place to be, kind of like Southern California and Los Angeles...*cough*

    Alabama isn't the highest in athletic department revenue, either. 'Ah', you say, 'they go for the prestige of the academics'. Alabama has plenty of excuses for not being at the top of the SEC, it's just that they are.

    College football is a game played by 50 year olds and Saban is the best.

    Texas A&M

    ND is pitiful, Bama could score 80 if they want to
    Bama carvin' ND like Thanksgivin' turkey.
    SEC SEC SEC!! Holy crap, how did we beat Bama? We must be pretty darn good!
    This Irish defense is falling apart. Just needs a leader to pull it back together.
    He's busy getting lei'd.
    The wife says, "This is going to be a boring game."

    I reply, "No it's not."

    "You think Notre Dame can come back?"

    "No. I just think 70-0 isn't boring if it's Notre Dame getting beat."

    They are the catholic sips
    seriously, how the [censored] did we beat them @ alabama? they look unstoppable right now...
    Teo better start passing out Hawaiian prayer beads at half time. Mahalo!
    I think we made bama mad!
    Well, ND is definetly making the most mistakes, they are completing that goal!
    i will watch this whole game...i hope bama doesn't go all classy and let up...i want to see 50 or 60 something to 0!
    Cooper is amazing, the thought of him Lacy/Yeldon next year is scary.
    I sure hope McCarron doesn't play like this next September though. Dude is on tonight
    Now, we know the refs have yellow flags... the coaches have red flags... does anybody have white flags?
    Lacy is just gonna sit and braid his hair.

    This is why Bama dominates: seeking perfection in every phase, getting in fights with your own teammates when they screw up... wowwww
    Humiliating... Bama clearing the bench. A clear sign you flat out don't belong on the same field.
    Congrats Bama! You did the SEC proud. Now, as for next season...BRING IT!

    Miami (FL)

    At work and just checked the score. Wow. Alabama about to score again? Suffer ND! Suffer!
    I have a STRONG hatred for the ND program. Roll Tide for the next 2 hours! Abject Embarrassment!
    It's clear Saban is using the rest of this game as their first 2013 practice.
    I dunno. Something just aint right with Bama. There's no way their S&C program is that far ahead of every other school in the country. If you wanna say they redshirt their guys and it's 4th and 5th year seniors beating up on teams that's fine. But when they bring in multiple freshman that physically dominate other team's upperclassmen.... I just have a hard time believing that's all legit.

    If we landed Amari Cooper, do you think he'd look like that out on the field for us? The guys thighs are thicker than his torso and he sure didn't look like that in highschool. I know our S&C program isn't exactly the benchmark but I don't see that at many other programs either.
    Big boy league. Absolutely beating the [mess] out of a team that physically crushed us.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thanks Mack!

    Nicely done!

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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thanks for taking the time to do that. It was not surprising that there was nothing worthwhile on the Barn boards to post here.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thank you for all that work. Enjoyed it.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Alabama is not that good? Haha.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    I'll add my thanks for this. Enjoyed the read.

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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thanks for that! I enjoyed every line of it.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica4Bama View Post
    Alabama is not that good? Haha.
    I thought that was funny too must mean they sucked really bad then.

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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    Thanks for the post! Glad to see some classy posts from rival fans and other SEC fans. From what I've read around the internet, the ND fans are taking the loss with class (unlike Texas in 2009) and gave Alabama credit for their dominance.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    I've been around reading some of their game threads as well and they start off fine, by the third page the game has started and by the 6th page Bama is up 21-0 and the posters are giving up already lol.

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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    I knew we were bammers but gumps? Hey,,im proud to be a gump. Gumps are no.1!!

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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    I enjoyed reading those comments. Thanks.
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    Re: Views from Around the Country on the BCSNC Game

    That was fun. Thank you, sir.
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