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    Coach Bryant

    While reading and viewing video about Coach Bryant, I still pass tears. One video had Bo Jackson who said something like, "When Coach was with us there was only one person in Alabama ahead of him. GOD."

    He often mentioned Jasper's Ellis Taylor on his TV show. I went into a bank just east of campus while he was there. I asked if he had heard about Ellis. He said no. I told what I had heard which was a funny incident involving poker. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he called Ellis.

    I am now 71 and I can cry with the best. I still miss him that much today.

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    Re: Coach Bryant

    I remember it clearly. (When one's lifelong hero dies, it leaves an impression. My childhood dream was never to play in the NFL; it was to play linebacker for Coach Bryant. Alas, when one is all of 5'5" on HS graduation day, and is slow, and not a small degree of wimpy,...I had to settle for watching his last 3 years at the helm.) I was born shortly after "Mama called" him back to UA. What a grand time to be a UA fan the 60s & 70s were! Sort of like now, actually.

    I know exactly where I was when I heard: I was in the record store on the Strip not studying for any classes. I recall just freezing in place & staying frozen there, open-mouthed for a long time. We all sort of shuffled out & went on our way. I attended Coach's funeral downtown (can't recall which of the alternate church sites I sat in).

    I too, equated Coach w/ Dad, because my Dad was a HUGE fan, & Dad died when I was 15. Football aside, this world seemed that much less like home. As the cheesy song said, "hero of little boys and their Dads." True in the house I grew up in!

    "Let's see when we get a full body of work at the end of the season. If you get satisfied and you fall in love with yourself, you get complacent and lose your desire."
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    Re: In honor of Coach Bryant

    Quote Originally Posted by TIDE-HSV View Post
    "Numb" is a good description...
    I agree...I was in between classes and was trying on some golf shoes at the store when I hear it on the radio, when the announcer broke in with the news...just went numb...I just sat there for a while...went back to my apartment and watched the coverage on TV with my wife of barely 10 months...He was the only Alabama coach I had ever known and it was quite a shock...we all miss him.
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    Coach Paul Bryant, telling his players of the switch to the wishbone, Fall camp 1971.



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