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    Re: Vanderbilt’s James Franklin calls Saban “Nicky Satan”

    I bet Coach Saban laughed when he heard it. To be the best, you have to beat the best. When Coach Franklin beats Coach Saban, he'll be worth a listen. Otherwise just see it for what it is, one coach making a lighthearted joke about another coach. Spurrier has made millions doing the same thing.
    The best thing to ever come out of Tennessee...I-65 heading south.

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    Re: Vanderbilt’s James Franklin calls Saban “Nicky Satan”

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzincuzzin View Post
    I just don't get why anybody would want to make an issue out of this. Remember when our beloved St. Nick made the crack about an LSU fan reacting like he'd done his wife or something when he took the Alabama job?
    Coaches, even the CEO types, are still coaches and their "off-the-record" humor is still pretty close to playground/locker-room because it's all they've ever known. Musicians, racers, and school teachers also fall into this '"Juvenal-outlook-forever" because something inside never quite grows all the way up.
    Ya got to add Policemen and Lawyers to the guys with 'Droll Humor'.
    Sometimes if it wasn't for 'Gallows Humor', we'd have no humor at all.

    (May be because we share the same clientele.)

    Sorry Earl and any other 'Legal Beagle' I just offended.
    It's sometimes too easy to offend now days.
    (Just comes natural to some of us)
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    Re: Vanderbilt’s James Franklin calls Saban “Nicky Satan”

    Quote Originally Posted by TideEngineer08 View Post
    You know that is a good point. BUT... Coach Bryant could back it up I'm not sure Coach Franklin can.
    he could back up calling them a cow college?

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    Re: Vanderbilt’s James Franklin calls Saban “Nicky Satan”

    Quote Originally Posted by JAXFLBAMAFAN View Post
    I agree that the overuse of any cliche including....that word makes me weary.

    I am weary of reading on this board, which I do daily, the use of class, classy, classless or a relative facsimile thereof, on the Bama board.

    Please find another word to describe folks on this board or from other boards.

    I prefer cretins and thugs.
    RIP Hub

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    Re: Vanderbilt’s James Franklin calls Saban “Nicky Satan”

    Saban was probably more irritated by having to stop what he was doing to take time to accept a silly apology than he was by being referred to by a silly name. His time is valuable, and Franklin's reference (will work as hard as...) just shows that Saban is the standard by which the rest measure themselves.



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