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barring massive injuries on the OLine, Robinson will play on the Dline. the young man has NT written all over him.

given the depth at NG and playing these HUNH offenses, rotation of fresh bodies will be crucial down the stretch.
I think we recruited him to play DL too. Like those who think Henry is going to get swapped to LB before the end of Fall camp, they haven't looked at the depth chart. As much talent as we have coming in at tailback (and already here), it's actually a bigger logjam at LB. It's much the same for Robinson in regards to OL. We're actually pretty darn well off at OG and OT has plenty of developmental depth.

I really believe Robinson is a signal of our response to the UTNH offense. We're going to get guys at NT who can play some one-gap principles...a little bit smaller, a tad more of a middle pressure threat. 303lbs is still a big ol' dude but compared to Cody and Jesse Williams that is small. We spend such little time in odd front because of the looks we get that it dictates getting more traditional even front personnel.