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    Re: Too many scholarships in the backfield?

    Anyone seen that dead horse?

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    Re: Too many scholarships in the backfield?

    I thought Ely transferred to USF

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    Re: Too many scholarships in the backfield?

    Quote Originally Posted by JIB View Post
    So Bama has 6 scholarships QBs, right? AJ, Sims, Ely, Morris, Bateman and McCloud.
    Bama also has 7 scholarship RBS, right? Yeldon, Hart, Fowler, Drake, Henry, Jones, Tenpenny? (Am I missing someone?)
    So that's 13 scholarships in the backfield. That seems like an awful lot. I just can't imagine we don't have some QBs transfer and an RB do the same. At least we'll have to move an RB or two somewhere else on the field.
    Attrition and injuries are always a possibility.
    Ex. This past year Sims abandoned ship and fled to Virginia for playing time.
    That led to a situation where were thin at QB.
    Injuries to return men, injuries to running backs, injuries to wide receivers sometimes happen and you better have somebody waiting in the wings for playing time.
    In the RB category I like Hart, but will he comeback with the speed we need. I saw him as a scat back type, not a pound em up the middle rugged RB.

    I like Blake Sims but truthfully he's a different style QB than what our system is designed for. Blake would have been our go to guy this last year if AJ had gone down, but we would have by necessity, changed parts of our offense to cater to his unique skill set.

    These are reasons quite aside from the occasional academic problem that force us to stock pile skill people.
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    Re: Too many scholarships in the backfield?

    I just wanted to give a thumbs up to the original poster for this topic. While many have just criticized the very concept of this thread, I personally have enjoyed it.

    It is interesting to analyze roster management and the gambles that go into it. I do trust the coaches know what is in their best interest, and they likely have serious concerns over the ability of Fowler and Hart to return and make an impact immediately. That said, it is a number of roster spots taken by 2 positions. It does provide depth which as we saw last year can be an issue. It does make you wonder if it comes at the price of sacrificing depth at other positions (WR comes to mind as well with injuries this year, but we have been very fortunate on the OL lately).

    To repeat, not stating that we have too many, but I enjoy the analysis a handful of posters have put into considering this question. Nice to see the thought provoking posts about the more managerial side of coaching.



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