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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    OJ's biggest threat will be his ability to play WR. Bama flanked Williams and Smelley out as WRs at different times. Neither one has the WR ability OJ has.
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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedStar View Post
    It's going to be really, REALLY hard to keep OJ Howard off the field. TE's with his skill set come around about once a decade.

    Howard is the first 5-star TE since Kyle Rudolph in 2008, and the highest rated TE since Martellus Bennett in 2005. He's a special player.

    Yeah, he's the one player in this years class that has skills another player on campus may not already have....at that position, at least.

    Gonna be hard to see him not get some PT, especially with arriving early. He's my early pick to be this classes TJ or Amari.

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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    Quote Originally Posted by rgw View Post
    I'll just concern myself with the incoming players:

    QB: nobody will be playing barring injury. Considering the bad luck of returning senior star QBs lately, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Tailback: Henry and T. Jones have the best shot for legitimate snaps. I think Henry is the next great stud freshman we seem to get every year. Kamara has a shot to forgo the redshirt because he could be a returner.

    H-B/TE: Howard has a path to playing time but he must learn how to block at this level. Blocking has kept many a good receiving H-back types off the field here. Smelley was probably underutilized during his eligibility given his receiving ability but he was well behind Dial as a blocker and rarely saw the field until his Senior year. I think Fowler will see a lot of time as a FB/H-B if he's healthy...but the staff would love to have Howard develop into starting material by mid-season.

    WR: Robert Foster has the best chance to play in our small WR class. He's an electric returner, so he could see the field there and be a rotational guy with a chance to pass veterans with exceptional practice and play.

    OL: Leon Brown and Brandon Hill arrived early. Each will be in a battle to win the RT position. I think the plan is clearly to start the JUCO Leon Brown.

    DL: Jonathan Allen, Dee Liner, and A'Shawn Robinson all have chances to play. I think they signal a growing desire to build a true even front DL to compliment our bigger weak-side DEs and nose tackles in odd front alignments. Allen is big enough to play a traditional 4-3 WDE type position but he'll probably play Jack LB in regular defense. Robinson probably has the best chance to make an impact but Allen and Liner could be rotational guys with some situational roles in their freshman year. Don't underestimate Robinson, that was a big flip late in the process.

    LB: Reuben Foster will likely be much like Ragland this year. There is a minor logjam at ILB between DePriest, Mosley, and Ragland. Reuben Foster will be an impact special teamer in coverage, so much like Robert Foster...he has the opportunity to be a freely available freshman with no concerns about "wasting the redshirt" to the staff. He can earn meaningful defensive PT with good performance. Another thing to consider is that he might be considered an OLB by the staff. Devall was recruited as an ILB but nearly immediately found a home at OLB. Reuben is an absolute missile with a good deal of quickness for a guy considered to be an ILB. That is something to consider. Of course between Dickson, Hubbard, and Devall the OLB depth is just as mucuh of a logjam. I guess the point is that he provides some positional flexibility because of his skills.

    DB: We're exceptionally deep at CB and S on paper. We need a veteran to step up as a 3rd corner but we're pretty adverse to playing true freshman at corner in normal game situations. Special teams gunner duties is the path to playing time for most of these signees.

    Also, Cole Mazza the long snapper recruit is a favorite to start next year since Carson Tinker declined to use his last year of eligibility.

    Good analysis overall, but I'd ahve to add that the plan for Leon Brown is to give him every opportunity to EARN the starting job...we have had JUCOs that just didnt cut it, at least in the first season.

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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    You certainly right, everything is earned here which is why we win championships. Nobody is elected to a position. We've really only had one JUCO that flopped: Travell Dixon. Everybody else was at least serviceable in year one (Belue and Menzie), most were impact players (Cody, Carpenter, J. Williams).

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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    I'm not sure why this thread is in Recruiting. It's always been started in Football, which is where it's going...
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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    Henry starting at RB would not be shocking

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    2013 Depth Chart

    Now that NSD is in the books I thought I would take a crack at the starting lineup as well as the 3 deep roster at each position. Players highlighted in bold in my opinion will or should redshirt. Some players were added at multiple positions because of not knowing where they will start and finish their careers. I would like to know your thoughts as well as your input on where players will play and if they will play their 1st year as a freshman. This is just my opinion not right or wrong. P.S. Don't tell Coach Saban I did this.
    Total Redshirts = 15
    Total players from 2013 class that will play year one = 11
    Starter- R.S. Senior A.J. McCarron
    Backups- R.S. Freshman Alec Morris/R.S. Junior Blake Sims
    3rd string- R.S. Sophomore Phillip Ely/Freshman EE Cooper Bateman
    4th string- Freshman EE Luke Del Rio/ Freshman EE Parker McCleod
    Starter- Sophomore T.J. Yeldon
    Backups- Sophomore Kenyon Drake/Freshman EE Derrick Henry/Freshman Altee Tenpenny
    3rd string- Freshman Tyren Jones/R.S. Sophomore Dee Hart/Freshman Alvin Kamara
    Starter-R.S. Senior Kevin Norwood
    Backups- R.S. Junior Deandrew White/ R.S. Sophomore Marvin Shinn
    3rd string- Freshman EE Raheem Falkins/R.S. Sophomore Danny Woodson Jr.
    WR: Slot
    Starter- Junior Christion Jones
    Backups- Sophomore Cyrus Jones/R.S. Freshman Chris Black
    3rd string- Freshman Alvin Kamara/Freshman Ardarius Stewart
    Starter- Sophomore Amari Cooper
    Backups- R.S. Senior Kenny Bell/Freshman Robert Foster
    Starter: R.S. Junior Brian Vogler
    Backups: Freshman EE OJ Howard/R.S. Sophomore Malcolm Faciane
    3rd string- R.S. Freshman Kurt Freitag
    Starter: Senior Jalston Fowler
    Backups: R.S. Sophomore Brent Calloway/R.S. Junior Harrison Jones
    3rd string: R.S. Freshman Cory McCarron
    Starter- Junior Cyrus Kouandjio
    Backups- R.S. Senior Kellen Williams/ R.S. Freshman Brandan Greene
    Starter: R.S. Junior Arie Kouandjio
    Backups- R.S. Freshman Alphonse Taylor
    3rd string- R.S. Sophomore Issac Luatua
    Starter: R.S. Sophomore Ryan Kelly
    Backups- R.S. Junior Chad Lindsey
    3rd string- R.S. Sophomore Issac Luatua
    Starter- R.S. Senior Anthony Steen
    Backup- Freshman Grant Hill
    3rd string- R.S. Freshman Caleb Gulledge
    Starter- Junior EE Leon Brown
    Backup- R.S. Junior Austin Shepard
    3rd string- Sophomore EE Brandon Hill
    Starter- Junior Jeoffrey Pagan
    Backup- R.S. Sophomore D.J. Pettway
    3rd string- R.S. Freshman Davlin Tomlinson
    4th string- R.S. Senior William Ming
    Starter- R.S. Senior Ed Stinson
    Backup- R.S. Sophomore LaMichael Fanning/R.S. Freshman Kirren Korven
    3rd string- Freshman Dee Liner
    4th string- R.S. Senior Chris Bonds
    Starter- R.S. Junior Brandon Ivory
    Backup- Sophomore Darren Lake/Freshman A-Shawn Robinson
    3rd sting- R.S. Freshman Dakota Ball/R.S. Freshman Kirren Korven
    4th String- Freshman Darius Paige/ R.S. Sophomore Wilson Love
    Jack LB:
    Starter- Junior Xzavier Dickson
    Backup- Sophomore Denzall Devall
    3rd string- R.S. Freshman Ryan Anderson/ Freshman Johnathan Allen
    4th string- R.S. Junior Anthony Orr/ Freshman Tim Williams
    Mike LB:
    Starter- Junior Trey Depriest
    Backup- Sophomore Reggie Ragland
    3rd string- Freshman Rueben Foster
    4th string- Freshman Tim Williams
    Will LB:
    Starter- Senior C.J. Mosley
    Backup- R.S. Senior Tana Patrick
    3rd string- Sophomore Tyler Hayes
    4th string-- Freshman Walker Jones
    Sam LB:
    Starter- R.S. Junior Adrian Hubbard
    Backup- R.S. Senior Johnathan Atchison
    3rd string- Sophomore Dillon Lee
    Starter- Senior Deion Belue/Senior John Fulton/Sophomore Geno Smith
    Backup- R.S. Sophomore Bradley Sylve/Freshman Maurice Smith
    3rd string- R.S. Junior Caleb Castille
    4th string- Freshman Anthony Averett
    Starter- Senior Deion Belue/Senior John Fulton/Sophomore Geno Smith
    Backup- R.S. Sophomore Jabriel Washington
    3rd string- R.S. Senior Ranzel Watkins/Freshman Eddie Jackson
    4th string- Freshman Johnathan Cook
    Starter- Sophomore Landon Collins
    Backup- Senior Nick Perry
    3rd string- R.S. Freshman Eddie Williams
    4th string- Freshman Anthony Averett
    Starter- Junior Haha Clinton Dix
    Backup- Junior Vinnie Sunseri
    3rd string- Senior Jarrick Williams
    4th string- Walkon Jai Miller
    Kickoff K:
    Starter- Senior Cade Foster
    Backup- R.S. Freshman Adam Griffith
    Starter- R.S. Freshman Adam Griffith
    Backup- Senior Cade Foster
    Starter- Senior Cody Mandell
    Backup- R.S. Junior Wilson Whorton
    Starter- Freshman Cole Mazza
    Backup- R.S. Senior M.K. Taylor
    Kick Returner:
    Starters- Junior Christion Jones/Sophomore Cyrus Jones
    Backups- R.S. Freshman Chris Black/ Freshman Robert Foster
    Punt Returner:
    Starter- Junior Christion Jones
    Backup- Sophomore Cyrus Jones

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    Re: 2013 Depth Chart

    I think at least one, if not more, of the freshman RBs (out of Tenpenny, Henry, and Kamara) will redshirt. Jalston Fowler will be the backup to Yeldon followed by a freshman, Hart, and Drake.

    It'll be interesting on the D Line. For some reason, I could see Dee Liner end up starting, and Robinson will be in the competition to start

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    Re: 2013 Depth Chart

    Excellent write up Tiderollin32! Thanks!

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    2013 Depth Chart

    This is just sick people. Just plain sick!

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    2013 Depth Chart

    I honestly don't know what's sicker. Offense or defense...

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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    Barring injury or some other off the field nonsense, Jonathan Allen will MOST DEFINITELY be on the field next year. I've watched a LOT of highlight footage, and it's always hard to gauge how a young man will play at the next level if he's so much better than his competition. But to say I'm impressed with Allen is saying water is wet. Kid is INCREDIBLY impressive and since the quick twitch player is what Coach Saban wants....yeah....Allen will terrorize the SEC. I know it's blasphemy to compare to some of our legends, but take a gander and judge for yourself.

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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    He's lucky he didn't get arrested for a couple of those QB mauling s. Definitely cut out of the same cloth as Clowney.

    "A long way," he said after being asked how far the Crimson Tide had come since Coach Nick Saban arrived three years ago. "I guess you could say it's the distance from Shreveport to Pasadena."
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