Met Lester Cotton this weekend.
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    Met Lester Cotton this weekend.

    Was back home in Tuscaloosa this weekend, visiting family/friends and met the young man. I was standing outside my friend's barber shop ,shooting the breeze, and a few minutes later he walks out. I asked him his name and he confirmed it.

    Chatted with him for a few minutes, took a pic with him, and he seems like a VERY nice young man. Not even a hint of arrogance, soft spoken, was willing to chat and shoot the breeze, very well mannered, and HE IS HUGE!! I'm a pretty big guy(6'2 220 lbs.) and I felt like a dwarf next to him. I also asked him about Daron Payne and he feels that he will be committing to Bama in January(TIFWIW).

    Anyway, I think he's gonna be a good one for the team and he seems like a class act. RTR

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    Re: Met Lester Cotton this weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing Lester in crimson next year.
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