BBQ / Meat: OFFICIAL Jamaican Jerk Rub Recipe
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    OFFICIAL Jamaican Jerk Rub Recipe

    Description: I got this recipe from a jerk stand a good few years ago. It is the real thing, and you may want to try less habanero at first if you are not into heat. This is great on chicken or pork, and I have made some good jerk shrimp tacos with grilled shrimp lightly dusted in the rub. Too much will overpower seafood, but a light sprinkle complements most seafoods imo.
    Time: almost none
    Difficulty: Easy

    1. 1 Cup Dried Onion
    2. 1 Cup Dried Chives
    3. All in Tablespoons...
    4. 6 Garlic Powder
    5. 1 Ground Nutmeg
    6. 4 Brown Sugar
    7. 1 Ground Cinammon
    8. 2 FRESH Ground Pepper
    9. 4 Thyme
    10. 4 Allspice
    11. 2 Ground Sage
    12. 2 Ground Habanero
    13. 2 Salt
    1. Mix all ingredients in spice mill or food processor
    1. You are done!
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