****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #22 - TE, Ty Flournoy-Smith****
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    ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #22 - TE, Ty Flournoy-Smith****

    Scouting Report
    Not a lot of information there. He played almost exclusively on special teams at UGA, and at Georgia Military College (where he's coming from now), he only played in 6 games there, but in those 6 games, he caught 6 passes....5 of them for TDs.
    No video available

    BigEasyTider's Take
    Felt this one was a head-scratcher when we took him, and still do. Flournoy-Smith clearly has talent, which is the good news, and the year he spent at GMC in a run-based scheme likely means he's a decent run blocker, but it's hard to see him being a real force in the run game at his current weight, so in essence he has to find value as a receiver opposite O.J. Howard. Is it possible that we utilize that heavily and he becomes a key cog of the offense? I think so, but if he ends up getting 10 catches this year, I think it will be fairly hard to argue that this scholarship wasn't a waste. So much of his future and his value just depends on how heavily Kiffin and company decide to use him in the pass game. He has the athleticism and the natural hands needed to be a threat, to be certain, but we've got to make a concerted effort to get him involved and have the football thrown his way to really make this move pay off.

    runtheoption22's Take
    Torn on how much of an impact this guy ever makes. I think a lot depends on what his playing weight ends up being. If Kiffin decides to use a fullback quite a bit, Ty might be a big asset there down the road. If he is exclusively an H-back when we go to heavier sets, then he may not catch 10-12 passes this year.I like the athleticism, but others were on the board when we took him-- and that was solely Kiffin convincing CNS he was a keeper.

    WMack4Bama's Take
    While he's nowhere near as athletic/dynamic as OJ Howard, he's not stiff. And while he's not Jalston Fowler either, he's certainly big enough and apparently as adept in run blocking. So he sets up perfectly to be that H-Back/TE player to give us an extra blocker on the edge. Brian Vogler goes largely unnoticed for doing a HECK of a job because of all of OJ Howard's press. Flournoy-Smith will be that type of player (i.e. Travis McCall/Preston Dial). He has a chance to play this year, but I think we get to see him a whole lot more next season.
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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #22 - TE, Ty Flournoy-Smith****




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