****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #21 - WR, Derek Kief****
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    ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #21 - WR, Derek Kief****

    Scouting Report
    He has great hands and ball skills, he's shown the ability to be a serious threat in the red zone and in jump ball situations. Despite the fact that WR is probably the deepest position on the team, he’ll need to get a little bit more stronger, physical and aggressive. So he's more than likely headed for a redshirt season. So right this way Mr. Kief

    BigEasyTider's Take
    Basic summary: Long and lean. Great frame on this one, standing at 6'5, and he's has some pretty decent natural ball skills to go along with very strong hands, so he's a red zone threat based on that alone. That said, while he does have decent speed, at 6'5 and 200+, he's never going to become a burner who outruns people, so he's going to have to bulk up and learn how to use his body as a physical receiver to really become a big contributor at this level.

    Redshirt year is a given almost, and it's going to be interesting to see how he handles the S&C program. Ideally, the hope is he can add 15-20 pounds of muscle, and then be a physical, 6'5, 220-ish pound possession target. He was a pretty physical kid at the prep level, so with a year or two under Scott Cochran he could really take off in CFB.

    runtheoption22's Take
    While he won't ever be Mike Evans, Kief has a tremendous chance to be a touchdown maker and move the chains expert. He has a tremendous work ethic, high character, and already very good ball skills. Very excited we have this kid in the locker room, as well.

    WMack4Bama's Take
    He fits into the pattern of Bama going after bigger and bigger wide receivers. Kief has very good hands and exceptional body control. He uses his tall frame very well to his advantage. He's not gonna blow anyone away with his speed, but he can get open with his above average route running. He won't break many tackles either, but a few seasons in the 4th qtr program, he may turn into the Incredible Hulk. Who knows?

    But I think Kief can become the QB's best friend, whichever QB that may be by the time he sees the field. Because a pass to Kief within 3-4 yards of him is a catch 99% of the time. He'll probably have trouble cracking the rotation with so many experienced guys at the position in front of him, but when he finally sees the field, he'll definitely turn into a fan favorite.
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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #21 - WR, Derek Kief****




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