****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****
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    ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****

    Scouting Report
    McBride possesses tremendous natural power. He is extremely well put together for a prospect weighing 315 pounds, as he carries very little poor weight. When he locks on to a defender he often puts him on the ground. He plays with a mean streak.

    Unless you've been under a rock, by now you know that McBride has enrolled at Iowa Western Community College and is going the JUCO route due to academics.

    BigEasyTider's Take
    Punishing, physical mauler at the point of attack who dominated the prep level with his sheer size and strength, and then earned a lot of quality offers based on a couple of dominant camp performances. OG only prospect, which is a concern for some, but his ceiling is immense. Has the frame to play at a high weight level, but he will need a year or two in a quality S&C program to turn some baby fat into muscle. Like a lot of physically dominant interior OGs at the prep level, he needs better consistency with pad level and footwork on the initial strike, neither of which need any real refinement against prep opponents but will be crucial against top FBS defenses.

    JUCO route is a disappointment, of course, but hopefully he makes his way back. Good news is that he was destined for a redshirt year anyway, so if he gets his grades in order and comes back, you're effectively only losing one year instead of two. Hopefully he takes a redshirt in JUCO, too, and comes back with 3 years of eligibility remaining. Usually that's not how it happens, of course, but perhaps that's why he ended up in middle of nowhere Iowa instead of Scooba Tech.

    runtheoption22's Take
    Really hate that he is going JUCO. Warmacking may have made a comeback, and may yet, with this kid at the Capstone. Great ability to get to the second level, and with some proper S&C, may develop into a 1st/2nd round type talent.

    WMack4Bama's Take
    Before the news about him enrolling in JUCO in Iowa, I thought he'd have to wind up redshirting this season. Though he played both sides of the ball in high school, he was projected as a guard here in Tuscaloosa. His raw skills and God given ability is undeniable. His consistency with using those is another matter. Like many young lineman (seems like I type this every year), he has a habit of coming out of his stance high before his initial punch and thus giving away his advantage. All the power from his lower body is gone when he stands up straight. That's OK when you're in high school, but not when you have to block the likes of an SEC caliber interior defensive lineman. His pass protection isn't awful, but it's not the best either (but the same can be said for many young interior offensive linemen).

    Moot points, though...all of it, as mentioned above, he's headed the JUCO route. Hopefully we can hang on to him, because he has the potential to be a Chance Warmack type talent.
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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****

    I was hoping he'd make it in. At least as a JUCO, he'll play earlier than he would here so he'll get some experience before coming back. If he's like chance, he'd only be on campus 4 years anyway, so getting that experience now is silver lining I guess.

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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****


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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****

    That photo reminds me of Fletch....How about Fletch? "He's actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9........"

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    Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****

    That is some good info and analysis ya'll gave. Appreciate it.



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