Hello all.

First off, I'm new to this forum, so it's my first post, thanks in advance for your response. My son is a Sophomore at UA this year and we're planning on renting an RV (for the first time) and coming down for the Iron Bowl next season in 2016. I have a few questions for you:

1. It appears that you have to have a Season Pass to park an RV on Campus, what are the closest/best 2-3 RV lots where we can park for a single game (and this particular game - Auburn) and walk to the stadium relatively easily. We'd like to be in the mix to enjoy the atmosphere, and don't want to be a couple of miles away.

2. It appears that the off-campus lots allow you to park from Thursday afternoon - Sunday. We will be getting to Tuscaloosa in the late afternoon/early evening on Wednesday, is there a place to park that night someplace close (doesn't need Water/Electric hook-up) for that first night and until we can get into the main RV lot for Thursday-Sunday, or will those lots allow us to arrive on Wednesday?

3. It appears that if we run a Generator, we need to have an Exhaust Stack for it that extends above the RV roof? Is this accurate and enforced everywhere? Just wondering if this is really necessary since the RV dealer hadn't heard of this ever being required which seems odd?

4. The RV we're renting is a Class A (35' vehicle) and we aren't trailering anything, and it's not a 5th wheel, so we don't need to pull it. However, we'll have an additional car with us. Will the RV lots allow us to park our car with the RV and also come and go with a pass for the car while we're there? The 2 lots that look the best/closest are the Tuscaloosa RV Parking (2001 McFarland Blvd. E, Tuscaloosa, AL 45404 run by Holy Spirit Athletic Association and Coach's Corner (further away) at 103 Hargrove Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, but could potentially allow Wednesday evenings along with having an Electrical hookup. Don't really know anything about either or any others, so any thoughts would help.

5. Any other suggestions/recommendations you can make for us to enjoy the atmosphere and game those 4-5 days we'll be in town?

Thanks, and Roll Tide!

Phil Jarvis