Question: For the mods: What is this board for?
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    For the mods: What is this board for?

    I was wondering exactly what type of posts would go here. Is it specifically for posts related to the barn UCheaT, corn dogs, etc. ? If that barn implosion mega thread had been created today, it would go here?

    How do we define rival? Is it anybody in the SEC? Would a Vandy story go here? What about teams just on thus year's schedule, like Southern Cal. Or Chattanooga?

    Non-Bama game threads? ( Actually a board just for game threads would be nice).

    Just trying to get a feel of what your intentions are with this board. Keep up the good work.

    Roll Tide.

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    Re: For the mods: What is this board for?

    Earle and other mods / admins can share their view but I have gotten the sense over the past few years - from both TideFans folks and rivals - that they wanted a place where we were less aggressive in moderating digs at each other.

    To me, this forum should almost serve as a place to vent with witty comments, jokes, etc. Kind of like you might get a dig in on your one Aubie or Tennersaw "friend" at work or that crazy uncle in Georgia. Everybody knows where everybody else stands but you want to poke the bears

    Having said that, this place will not devolve into a vulgar, unnecessarily mean, or otherwise unworthy place on TideFans. Get your digs in but if you do so you ought to be able to take ribbing from rival fans, too. Barn implosion threads would be great here - and we might even let them breathe a little.

    It's for all fans of all schools who want to post here. If a TF member from Chattanooga who's passionate about his Mocs wants to step into this arena, then by all means. But he better not come crying to the mods when the laughter is palpable because he espouses some foolishness about them being SEC-ready.

    We could do non-Bama game threads in here if people want to. I think they'll get more participation on the FB board, but that could be a good usage.

    Also, I really don't want threads to be merged just because they're about one school but otherwise unrelated. Each thread should have a life of its own and we'll see how this develops.

    As Earle stated, it's an experiment. How folks handle it will determine its direction and longevity.

    Those are my thoughts and others are welcome to share their thoughts, intents, and ideas as well.
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    Re: For the mods: What is this board for?

    I can't really add much to what Brett has said. We've actually been considering it for a couple of years now. It's just to allow a little more room for riposte and harmless back and forth, without the posters, particularly rival fans, feeling that they have to worry about staff looking over their shoulders. For a while, during the LSU occupation, the main board became, in effect a rivalry board for a while. And it wasn't really what most members wanted. To use one example, we only allow so much sarcasm on the main boards. If it turns too personal or pointed, then we shut it off in the interests of maintaining civility. We won't do that here. That's it - just a more relaxed atmosphere, we hope, without becoming completely non-Tidefanslike...
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    Re: For the mods: What is this board for?

    If all the posts about rivals start ending up here it seems like it may take away from the main board. I hope not because I really enjoy reading he posts on the main football board.

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    Re: For the mods: What is this board for?

    Quote Originally Posted by BadgerTidefan View Post
    If all the posts about rivals start ending up here it seems like it may take away from the main board. I hope not because I really enjoy reading he posts on the main football board.
    I would think a majority of the major issues/developments regarding our rivals - especially other SEC teams - will still show up on the Football board.

    This board will, I think, be where Bama and rival fans go when they're looking for a bit more back-and-forth than the other sports board typically allow.

    It will also allow for more rival-specific threads. As opposed to grouping most rival-related topics into a few or even a single thread - see the Barn mega-thread - individual topics regarding rivals can more easily have their own threads, encouraging more conversation, than on the "Alabama Football" board.

    I would also imagine you'll start to see a little back-and-forth that begins on the Football board end with a "let's continue this in The Rivalry Room" post.

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