1/4 cup apple butter
2 TBS Merlot
1 TBS coarse grain mustard
Pinch Red Pepper

8 Slices GOOD Rye Bread
3 TBS butter softened
4 Slices GOOD Aged Cheddar or White Cheddar
4 Slices GOOD Ham1 Granny Smith Apple, cored and sliced

In a bowl mix first 4 ingredients

Lightly brush one side of bread with apple butter mix, and the other with butter
Top apple butter side with cheese, apple, and ham. Top with bread - apple butter side down

Preheat large skillet on medium, melt some butter - place 2 sandwiches in skillet, and grill till golden brown on each side and cheese is melted. Flip as needed

Repeat with other sandwiches, cut in half and serve

Alternate method - use a panini press for a grilled sandwich