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    Re: Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    Homelander was legit terrifying
    Yep and a complete sociopath. I was hoping someone survived the plane crash and ratted him out.
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    Re: Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tidewater View Post
    Recently watched White Right: Meeting the Enemy. A British journalist of south Asian descent (Deeyah Khan) went to meet the neo-Nazi racists from Charlottesville and interview them.

    She did not treat them like sub-humans, she just interviewed them and asked them to explain their views.
    In the process, she appears to have changed some minds. When forced to deal with a brown-skinned woman, the neo-nazi guys had to admit they did not hate her, they did not include her in their hatred. Interesting documentary.
    Saw something similar several years ago. Straight-up interviews with both leaders and rank-and-file members of Aryan Nation and other similar groups. Interviews took place in the 1980s, I think. Just asked a few open ended questions, and recorded the responses without judgement -- only enough follow-up to get the subjects to continue talking.

    The result was truly frightening, and far more damning than anything today's agenda-driven media could possibly imagine. Wish I could remember the name of the documentary, but it sounds like Kahn essentially updated the original.

    Mrs. Basket Case and I are enjoying Mindhunter. Already watched 5 of the 9 episodes of Season 2. I'm finding myself taking a strong dislike to the Nancy Tench character -- the actress is doing a really good job.
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    Re: Gems on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

    While it hasnt, and probably wont come out or at least another year, the Lord of the Rings TV series on Amazon prime has to be the most intriguing new show that is in production. $500 million dollars is an insane amount to spend on a TV series, and reportadly its first season will be 21 2hr long episodes. FWIW it is a prequel, and shows the rise of Sauron for those wondering.
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