Preseason Camp Dates Announced?
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    Preseason Camp Dates Announced?

    My search skills aren't the best, but I called myself searching Google, TF, and, and couldn't find it...

    Has the start date of preseason camp been announced yet? Any practice days?

    Figuring it'll probably be August 4 or 7, but that's my own personal speculation, and I've seen nothing official. Anybody out there have better intel?
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    Re: Preseason Camp Dates Announced?

    Ryan C. FowlerVerified account @RyanCFowler Jul 15More

    Hearing Alabama will start practice on August 3rd Alabama's fan day will be Saturday August 5thJust what I am hearing locally in T-Town
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    Re: Preseason Camp Dates Announced?

    Yea, football is coming back.
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