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    Re: Stephen Hawking has passed away

    I hear ya, BICGA, but it was only one group or "side" that initially displayed rude intolerance in this thread. Anything that came from any other direction (there are many more than 2 directions) was as a direct reaction to that initial rudeness and hostility. You don't get to punch a man and then claim he's violent when he defends himself. You don't get to act rude and then gasp in disbelief when the same treatment is returned. I honestly can't think of much more rude than denigrating and diminishing the accomplishments of a great man at the time of his death. Meanwhile, per usual, here we are talking about the attention hookers and listening to them defend and deflect instead of talking about Mr Hawking's accomplishments, his great spirit that helped him overcome much, or anything else worthwhile on the subject.

    To reiterate my earlier comment differently: Want to know why the christian population is sharply declining in the US? This thread is a good example.

    I find it interesting that Jesus had harsher words for the self-righteous religious blowhards of his day than he did for the lowdown dirty sinners and nonbelievers. I think he'd find a similar environment today to what he encountered then and would likely have a similar response to it.
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    Re: Stephen Hawking has passed away

    A dedication:

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