How have we looked?
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    How have we looked?

    I've been working 16's (some days more than that) for 11 days now with no end in sight until this coming weekend at the earliest so safe to say I've missed my baseball. Currently in the Pocono's helping finish things now (Yea life is rough huh? Haha). So how have we looked? I must admit 14-3 I never thought was possible. What you think about the upcoming UGA series? Help a brother out! Over and out from the still snowy Northeast
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    Re: How have we looked?

    I am not able to watch the games, just follow them on twitter and then read the post-game stuff, but it looks like Finnerty has done well but we can't hit the other team's ace, that Jake has struggled but we are so/so against their #2, and that we can win the Sundays. I love what CBB is doing with the middies, with Rukes and Love going their short stints, rehabbing in live game action, as it were. Dukes has looked really good in the games he has pitched. The whole bullpen has looked good except for one inning in Norman (iirc). He has Medders setting up Duarte and it's worked so far.

    I think we are committing fewer errors and drawing more walks. I mean, it's been against a 100 SoS, but dang man, 14-3?




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