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We're still working off the 2002 deal and keep extending so we might not shop around. I don't see Nike not matching or beating anyone though, especially since we are in the playoffs every year in football. Say what you will about other sports, but other than basketball and football no other sport is watched universally like those two sports.
I don't know who's palms have been getting greased by Nike, but UA has ALWAYS been SHAFTED by Nike, and yet, year after year, we keep on bending over and willingly taking it.

Back in 2010 Our deal was "said to be worth nearly $30 million over seven years" - that's roughly $4.3 million a year. - and that wasn't even a competitive amount 8 years ago.

Compare that to what UCLA will get (and lets be honest, a second tier program in a second tier conference) - almost TWELVE MILLION PER YEAR.

I'm sure (or at least sure HOPE) we are getting more than $4.3 million a year for WHORING OUT all our sports teams to be billboards for Nike...... But frankly, I'd be surprised if our deal was even in the Top Half of "name brand" schools. :-(