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    This is a pretty weak analysis really. If you want to see how off kilter they can be, just follow the link at the bottom (about turning players into pros).

    It goes into detail about how Alabama doesn't necessarily turn top talent into draft picks... well we know the data says otherwise when you consider top tier talent, in fact we know Saban is the best at that, but they use ambiguous and misleading data to come to that conclusion like: "If he transferred out at any time it counts as a "miss," unless he returned." (should not count as a miss, should just be removed), or "College transfers into a program were not included.", alrighty then, so depart and that counts against you, but if they come in they don't count. Finally, "Undrafted free agents are not draft picks.", well we know that... but they are counting them as misses. So for instance, if a former Alabama is undrafted but goes on to start in the NFL (I'm thinking of an actual player), that is a miss. Finally, their analysis "proving" Saban doesn't really do a better job of turning players into pros completely ignores draft positions. As we saw form another report, Alabama does in fact produce more top draft picks relative to the star rankings. But, if you mess with the numbers enough, if you are selective enough with your criteria, you can get them to say just about anything.
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