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    Tell me about CBD oil....

    Quote Originally Posted by NationalTitles17 View Post
    Unfortunately, employment law is behind and most employers to boot. There's a lot of "slack" in the system. Until law and/or companies catch up with the times this will continue to be a potential issue. I'd like to see companies stop testing for it except where it needed (example - transportation industries) or to make the test meaningful in regards to actual impairment, whether done with concentration that matters or even combined with physical testing.
    What do the Denver Broncos do? Or CU, for that matter?
    In a state where consumption of cannabis products is legal and contact with secondhand smoke CAN turn up a next day positive (first hand knowledge), how do they handle that?
    It’s a bogus test to begin with because any “effects” that may have occurred while under the influence are completely non-existent once it exits the bloodstream (less than 24 hours) but a “week -later” urine test wouldn’t be passed. Bogus.

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