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    Re: Examining Sabanís 9-7 Record Against the Barn

    I like the Iron Bowl where it is personally. I don't really understand the argument for moving it. It seems like people are overthinking this or something.

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    Re: Examining Sabanís 9-7 Record Against the Barn

    Quote Originally Posted by Nolan View Post

    Seven (7) pages and no one has said it?

    Well, fine, I guess I will..


    Roll Tide Roll!!!

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    Re: Examining Sabanís 9-7 Record Against the Barn

    Quote Originally Posted by BamaMoon View Post
    I'd argue that we got extremely lucky in how the BSC broke for us after the TAMU loss in Nov. of 2012. Extremely lucky with teams losing the next week (OK. State IIRC).

    And then this year, we got lucky again with that stupid loss to the Barn.
    No that was K-State.

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    Re: Examining Sabanís 9-7 Record Against the Barn

    MY predictionóneither the conference or the schools will approve changing the timing of the game, mostly for financial reasons and wealthy
    alumni that donít want it moved. And the result? Things will pretty much stay the same going forward like they have the last 35 years or soóas long as we have the superior coach we will continue to lead the series, but only by a slightly better that .500 record. We will never again overwhelmingly dominate it like we did in the 70s as the barn will óat the very leastósneak in a win every 2-3 years.



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