Trouble with this site?
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    Trouble with this site?

    Mods...please move if this doesn't belong here...

    Is anyone else having trouble with this page loading very, very slowly? On both my iPad and iPhone, there is a problem. It seems to be related to the ads, but I couldn't be 100% positive. It even happened as I was typing the subject line in this post...I typed the entire line, nothing happened for over 45 seconds, and then the ads to the left finished loading...after they loaded, all of my text magically began to appear in the title field.

    I seem to remember a similar problem, last year, and it took quite a few days for the system admin to track down. Thought that I'd post this, in case it it a system problem again.


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    Re: Trouble with this site?

    Probably doesn’t belong here, but I will say that the site is working okay for me

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