Prayers after an accident
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    Prayers after an accident

    Second time for me on this board, and my recovery last time was nothing short of a miracle. This injury isn’t life threatening or possible loss of limb, not as serious as the other posts on this board, just mostly a mental thing unless there are unforeseeable complications.
    You will probably see me post more on the football board due to injury, as I have more time for it. Tidefans has been wonderful to me, has gotten me through hard times and dark times in my life, for that I’m very thankful!
    I fell about 9’ doing some work, broke the Tibia Plateau (knee) of my left leg. The Tibia Plateau is the weight bearing part of the bone of the knee. My prognosis is no weight bearing for 3 months, then surgery after the bones are healthy enough for a knee replacement. I also fractured my right scapula, very painful.
    I’m in a better place in life than before, much more able to take this in stride, things aren’t as bleak, but I’m asking for you prayers again . It all worked before and I made an 85-90% recovery, thank you and God bless.
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    Re: Prayers after an accident

    Bamaga, I sure will keep you in my prayers. Remember Isaiah 53:5 and know that you are already healed!

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