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Danielson "It takes a superstar QB to beat Bama. Like in 2010 with Cam Newton and Steve Garcia and in 2012 with Johnny Manziel" has been worn out here. Did my part. Gonna avoid that unless he sets an even more obvious precedent. Hope we all do. We have a special bunch this year. We ought to talk about them. GD is a really sharp fellow. Not everyone is a Bama fan. He doesn't hate Bama. He just has fatigue like everyone else. Probably wishes he could do Big 10 games every week. JMO.
My issue is not about his like or dislike for Bama, he just is not that good. Same diatribe every freaking game. He adds nothing to the game we have not heard 1 million times, he just needs to go retire with ole mush mouth and let CBS get a real commentator. He would do better just to shut up and let us watch the game. Personally I mute the TV and the game is actually better. he tells me nothing I cannot see with my own 2 eyes. Good TV guys add in facts and stories that relate but are not just telling me what I saw. Radio guys have to be our eyes, danielson is on TV we can see the game, no need to tell us who just ran for 5 yards and how, I can see it. he also rehashes the same old stuff that is no longer relevant to either team playing.